Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moving away to college is a scary, yet exciting time! Starting a new chapter in new surroundings allows you to come into a space with a fresh perspective that can help you flourish. Saying goodbye to your family and friends is never easy, but experiencing college in a place that's your very own truly is a treasure. Because we know this can be a stressful time in any student's life, we've composed a list of essentials for any student about to move into a dorm room. While you may not know your roommate, location of classes, or even your major, packing for dorm life doesn't have to be complicated! 

Back-to-school has never been easier! It's important to remember the little things as well as essentials like laptops and bed linens, and with these dorm necessities, you'll be unstoppable this semester. We wish all Ruchettes heading to classes this fall the best of luck! 


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