Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our creative photographer, Jesse, is not only talented behind the camera, but she's extraordinarily crafty too! When she showed us the birthday party invitations she shot and drew for her nephew, we had to share!

First, I took a high-quality digital photo of my nephew. (This could be a point & shoot, DSLR, or iphone 5!) I chose a very simple, clean background and positioned him in the bottom portion of the frame, on his dad's sturdy hand. :) This positioning gave me room to drawn and write later. I was sure to say something silly to get him to laugh like that, too! Candid laughing shots are always the best! Then, I opened the image in Photoshop. I used the normal paintbrush tool and chose a thickness that was about the same as a marker. Next, I had fun trying out various options for hats and wording. The pom-pom hat with polka dots is my favorite! But, the possibilities are endless! To finish, my sister printed the invites on thick cardstock at Kinkos, and wrote the party details in hand on the backside. I love the simplicity and uniquness of this DIY - I may have to customize it for my own birthday this year!

--Jesse, Creative Photographer


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