Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Florist and fashion blogger Jordyn of Pretty Lovely Studios is a constant source of inspiration. From her darling outfits to her easy floral DIYs, we're smitten with this creative gal! Luckily, Jordyn was kind enough to share this easy DIY floral arrangement with us! We love all things floral, from cute dresses to blossom-adorned flats, and now that spring is officially here, we're looking forward to sprucing up our spaces with easy floral arrangements complete with our favorite spring blossoms. Read on for her guide to the perfect DIY floral arrangement. Spring Arrangement DIY 2

From Jordyn:

When I am choosing ingredients for my arrangements, I like to choose a focal flower, foliage and textural elements. How many you have of each is up to you, but those are the 3 things I look for. For this arrangement i just stuck with one each. It makes for a simple and fresh design, perfect for Spring. I chose Ranunculus as my focal flower, viburnum as my foliage and a gorgeous buttery-yellow stock (pretty much obsessed with it now) as my texture. Choose a container you like, grab yourself some clippers and you are all set. 

Always prep your flowers before arranging. That means remove any leaves and cut the bottoms so that they have a clean, fresh opening to drink up some water. Let them sit for an hour or two, even a day if you have time, before you start arranging. Spring Arrangement DIY

Here are the steps to create an easy spring floral arrangement!

1. Wash the container and fill with water. 

2. Start with your foliage and create a nice, lush base around the edges of the container. Build up one side more than the other to create a more natural feel. 

3. Layer in your focal flowers. I like to place multiples together to create more of an impact, instead of separating them with the foliage. Doing that can sometimes create a polka dot effect that isn't always desirable when creating natural arrangements. Spring arrangement diy 4

4. Take a couple of your textural elements and place wherever you see a hole or think that it needs a little something extra. Since my textural element is tall and fluffy, I didn't want to place to many in there, because I wanted the Ranunculus to really pop. But if you were using a berry of some sort, something that is small and compact, you could pop in a lot more of those. spring arrangement diy 3Spring Arrangement DIY 5

We can't wait to try to easy floral arrangement! To see more from Jordyn, be sure to check out her blog, Pretty Lovely Studios, and see past features on our blog here!