Thursday, November 7, 2013

Does this gorgeous horse look familiar? We first worked with Avalon, an eight year-old statuesque Shire Mare, last year for our Fall 2012 lookbook Kindred Spirits! Even though it was her first fashion shoot, she was a natural in front of the camera. Apparently, Shires are generally scared to death of cows, but for some reason, Avalon loves them! During last year's photo shoot, the model was sitting on her and sighed, “Not the cowwwwssss!” and tried to pull her head back into the frame over and over again, but Avalon kept fearlessly searching for them. Even Jennifer, her trainer, remarked, “I think she had a great time!” Here are some of our favorite images from last year's lookbook, Kindred Spirits.

We knew Avalon would be a stunning addition to our Winter lookbook and flawlessly capture the frosty beauty of the winter season. Avalon was adopted by Jennifer Hinojosa when she was 3 years old. Avalon was born on June 23rd and weighs close to 1800 pounds! She became a show horse and took the 2011 Shire National Championship Under Saddle and has been in many parades, including the Rose Parade. Here is a snapshot of Avalon competing (look at the concentration in her eyes!).

In addition to loving cows, Avalon licks people! She also loves when people smoosh her nose and she’ll randomly hop like a bunny on all fours. Her beautiful white coat and sweet disposition were simply irresistible to everyone involved with the shoot. Avalon was such a pleasure to work with, even our photographer, Brandon Kidd, fell in love with her:

"Avalon, our horse model was gorgeous and so great to work with. I love horses and wouldn't mind working with them more often then I do. They are such beautiful creatures and are so sweet. Like any animal though they can be difficult to photograph. Especially since they are so large and can be hard to control.  There were a few circumstances when we were trying to get Avalon situated with Zuzanna on her back and Avalon wouldn't stay still. Avalon definitely gave Zuzanna a few more rides through the forest and tree branches then I think she wanted but overall she was really good! Luckily we had Avalon's amazing trainer with us during the shoot to help direct and guide her where we needed which helped out immensely!
-- Brandon Kidd, Photographer

Avalon's winter white coat and natural beauty made our Snow White inspired lookbook truly appear like images out of a fairy tale. Even though the sun was peeking through the bare branches of the trees, Avalon helped us evoke the winter setting that we desired for this shoot. We are so lucky to have had her enhance our lookbook for the second year in a row! Jennifer, Avalon's trainer, had this to say about this lovely horse:

“She is by far one of the calmest young horses I’ve ever had the privilege to raise. She says ‘yes’ to anything and will try anything. She really is an awesome horse.”

-- Jennifer, Trainer

Aw! We hope they live happily ever after.