Saturday, October 18, 2014

Katie of Skunkboy Creatures creates some of the most creative Halloween costumes for her family year after year. We are always impressed with her ingenuity and innovative ideas, along with how her little ones get more and more adorable each time we see them! Here are just a few of her family Halloween costume ideas that have us ready to grab our felt and scissors! 

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys: We love how this costume features Katie's older daughter, Hope, as Peter Pan, and her, her husband, and her younger daughter, Poe, as Lost Boys. This costume truly captures both the adventurous spirit of Peter Pan, and is simply adorable! peter-pan-family costumeskunkboy-creatures-halloween

Pinocchio: We love how these are all of our favorite things about the timeless tale of Pinocchio rolled into one family set of costumes! Each of these costumes would be perfect on their own, but they look too cute when all together. See more inspiration herepinnochio-hallowenn (2)pinnochio-hallowenn (1)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Perfect for the four-piece family, we love the combination of cutesy DIY masks and everyday attire. This costume perfectly matches how we picture the three bears in Goldilock's classic tale. How cute is little Poe's wig of blonde tendrils? family-halloween-costumescouples-halloween-costume

We love the idea of skipping the Halloween store and crafting your own family costumes, and Katie provides us with some amazing inspiration! Don't forget to stop by Katie's blog for even more DIYs and glimpses into her adorable family!