Monday, April 20, 2015

Ruchette and our go-to gal for all things floral, Jordyn of Pretty Lovely Studios, stopped by to share her favorite spring flowers with us! Whether you're planning for a spring wedding bouquet, looking for an easy floral arrangement for your home, looking for the perfect floral dress, or just adore the beauty of a spring blossom, you might just discover some floral inspiration. Jordyn was kind enough to walk us through her favorite spring flowers; from lush peonies to dainty muscari, we're so excited to add these blossoms to our roster of favorite spring flowers. favorite spring flowers

From Jordyn:

"I think every flower lover has a special place in their heart for spring blooms. They are what we all wait for after that cold winter and they are a sign that longer, warmer days are coming. We can finally start planning those picnics! While some of these blooms have much more of a following: the tulip, the daffodil, and in my opinion, the queen of spring, the peony, there are other spring flowers that are diamonds in the rough. 

Ranunculus and anemones reign supreme in the spring wedding world. Travel to any flower farm in the country right now and I bet you would find rows upon rows of them. I strongly suggest finding a friendly neighbor or abandoned lot in your area where you can pick a bunch of lilacs or hyacinths for your home. They smell heavenly and will make your whole house smell of sweet spring time. Last, but definitely not least, of favorite spring blossoms is the muscari. This is a tiny little flower but if you put a bunch together they can make quite the impact. Don't forget about them when planning your next brunch with friends. They add the perfect little touch of spring on your tabletop. 

Take a walk around your neighborhood and see what you can find. Ranunculus and anemones are going to be hard to spot unless you live next to Floret Flower Farm or Field and Florist. If you're able, don't be afraid to cut some of these spring blooms and bring them indoors. All of them make great cut flowers and are sure to brighten your day!"

Now that you have a few new flowers to keep your eyes out for this season, stop by our collection of floral-adorned dresses, tops, and more! We can't think of a better way to spend springtime than with a flower in a vase, on a dress, or woven in a pretty flower crown.