Saturday, September 7, 2013

As you probably heard your mother say one early weekend morning while browsing the vintage dresses at a garage sale, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!” The interior design book Flea Market Style by Emily Chalmers beautifully illuminates that idea, promising to help you find and incorporate flea market gems into your home. With inspirational photos and fun text (it’s like going to coffee with a dear friend who just happens to have the best advice on what to do with a salvaged wooden bench, an old sofa with good bones, or a bit of vintage lace), this book is sure to delight anyone who appreciates a modern-vintage aesthetic.

The first section, Flea Market Finds, covers the range of objects you might search for at flea markets for every part of your home, including furniture, lighting, glassware, kitchenware, fabrics and collectibles. This section will help you create a plan of what to look for and how to incorporate it into your home, whether you consider your home style to be retro, modern, minimalist, country rustic or eclectic. The second section, Putting It All Together, shows you how to transform your interior room by room. It offers helpful advice on how to spot gems even among the trash heap, how to create a color scheme, and how to re-purpose and re-invent your flea market finds (like adding chalkboard paint to transform a chest of drawers for the kid’s room.)

We love Target as much as the next bargain hunting gal, but Flea Market Style inspires us to step away from modern mass production to “recycle and revive pieces with soul and style”. After reading this book, you will want to grab your coffee to go next Saturday morning and browse the nearest flea market for timeless, well-loved objects to beautify your home! And who knows, that original Eames chair you’ve been dreaming of might just be waiting for you beneath a heap of junk.

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