Friday, June 6, 2014

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When it comes to a fresh faced beauty routine, there is no doubt that the hardest part of applying make up is painting it on in such a way that brings out your natural beauty but does not appear overdone. In order to achieve the perfect undone look, we've taken a nod from Parisian style in our Meet Me in Paris feature. There is something undoubtedly romantic about a fresh, effortless face. Here are our favorite ways to attain a flawless face with minimal makeup!   

Perfect your skin: To ensure you're not over applying any products, start by placing a mirror close to an open window so you're doing your makeup in natural light instead of harsh fluorescent lighting. The most challenging part of fresh faced makeup is that your skin becomes a focal point! Spend some time experimenting with makeup, everything from foundation to powder, and find an exact match to your skin tone. When you begin applying your makeup, start with a moisturizing foundation to smooth out any imperfections. If you have any stubborn spots or under-eye circles, you can use a concealer for added coverage and finish your face with a light powder so your skin avoids looking weighed down. We recommend always using either a foundation or powder containing SPF to protect your skin against the summer sun! 

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Add a natural flush: Find a blush in a warm peach or pink hue to bring a natural flush to your face. We love cream-based blushes, but lightly dusting a powder blush on the apples of your cheeks will also give you a warm, healthy glow.

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Embrace subtle definition: When it comes to defining your eyes without looking overdone, choose an eyeshadow in a soft hue that is only a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone with a hint of shimmer. Carefully brush it into the creases and across the lid. With an eyeshadow a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone, highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes. To complete your eyes, brush on a couple coats of mascara to add definition without appearing too heavy.

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Finishing touches: To complete your all-natural look, choose a lip hue that is close to your natural lip color. We love moisturizing lip stains and tinted balms (especially when they contain SPF!) to add pop to our pout without weight of lipstick. Instead of applying directly from the container, rub the color on your fingertip for a more natural looking application.

We love a bold lip or smoky eye, but the heat of the summer sun is perfect for embracing fresh faced makeup. Highlighting your favorite features with a subtle shadow upon the eye or lip hue is an easy way to stay true to your natural beauty while maintaining a perfectly undone and effortless look! 


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