Thursday, January 30, 2014

February 14th may be a night of red roses and romance for some, but it can also be the most epic girl’s night you’ll ever have! Planning a Valentine’s Day with your favorite single ladies takes a little creativity though, and we suggest you leave the candlelit dinners to lovey-dovey twosomes and try one of these fun Valentine’s day ideas for friends instead.

1. Weekend away: To class up your grown up slumber party, pack your bag for a weekend getaway. You’ll need: bikini for poolside lounging, going out dress for cocktails at the hotel lounge, and pajamas for late night movies and DIY facials. Or focus the trip on a mutual interest like a love of vintage and thrifting by staying at a quaint bed and breakfast in a town chock full of cute antique stores and flea markets. Making a trip of it will ensure a memorable Valentine’s day with friends!

2. Karaoke your heart out: Gather a group of sassy single friends who are up for cocktails and crooning the night away and make Valentine’s Day into a karaoke night you won’t soon forget. And for the tunes? Think a mix of oldies but goodies with Katy Perry pop songs.

3. Ryan Gosling movie marathon: Who needs a Valentine when there is eye candy in the form of Ryan Gosling? Skip The Notebook (which you already have memorized anyways) and watch The Ides of March, Blue Valentine, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

4. Spa day: Indulge in hours of pampering with a friend for a relaxing Valentine’s Day. Go for facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, the works! Don’t leave the spa until you’re so blissful you feel like you’re floating on air.

5. Dinner party: Wine, good food, and gossip is the perfect recipe for a Valentine’s day with friends. Either make it a classic Valentine’s day soiree with a profusion of red and pink streamers, balloons, and décor or take the anti-Valentine’s day route with your own decorations and no sign of Cupid’s arrows anywhere.

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These Valentine’s day ideas for friends ensure that your day will be about celebrating the awesome friendships in your life, and what could be better than that?

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