Thursday, May 22, 2014

When it comes to packing, we've all been faced with a counter full of beauty essentials that must be narrowed down to fit comfortably in our suitcase. This can often mean the tools we rely on to help us look and feel our best get left behind for days or weeks at a time. Without the comforts of home, getting ready in a hotel room, bungalow, or even camping tent can be daunting. Traveling can be unpredictable, but no matter the location, you locks don't have to suffer! We've comprised some of our favorite, simple tutorials for styling your hair on the go. 

1. Low Bun: This style is perfect for adventures in both the daylight and the evening! This classic look can be worn more polished with a maxi dress and embellished clutch for a candlelit dinner or during a day out and about with a embroidered blouse and chambray shorts. From flowing tresses to a long bob, his style is suitable for many lengths and textures! Plus, how amazing does it look with ombre locks? 

2. Side Braid: Whether it's messy or an intricate fishtail, a side braid is a perfect style for travel. The effortless braid can add an simple touch to a dressy ensemble or add sophistication to a daytime outfit. Our favorite thing about this style is its low maintenance nature- you only need a few bobby pins and a small hair tie to have a versatile side braid that can be worn all day.

3. Messy Updo: A tousled french braid can add elegance to a simple bun. Whether you wear your bun low or high, french braiding the front of your hair can keep bangs or stray locks out of your eyes during a day spent exploring a new city. We love how this style looks with a slightly cropped blouse and patterned skirt!

4. Top Knot: This classic updo is the perfect complement to a comfortable t-shirt and skinny jeans or breezy printed shift dress. The relaxed yet polished top knot is always a favorite for a sunny day at the beach or an afternoon sipping pinot grigio in wine country! This style is simple to recreate and requires minimal effort, which is perfect for unpredictable travel days.

We love styles that manage to look sophisticated, but only require a few bobby pins and a hair elastic! Worn either sleek or messy, each of these styles can be adapted to fit your travel style


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