Friday, October 18, 2013

Natalie of The Soho blog is back to graciously host Friday Frocktails happy hour here on our blog. Every week Natalie is taking inspiration cues from one of our Frocktober dresses to create a cocktail…or rather, a frocktail! We couldn’t wait to see how our classic, patterned, cream and gold dress would inspire her this week, and she didn’t disappoint. Natalie whipped up yet another delicious drink that combines two of our favorite things, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you. And now that we’ve seen her recipe, we can’t help but think: how did we not think of doing this sooner?! Read on for a delightfully simple cocktail recipe that is sure to become one of your fall favorites.

The subtle colors of this lovely cream and gold dress gave me the idea for a hard apple cider float. It's the easiest recipe you ever did see. All you need to do is pick up your favorite vanilla ice cream and your favorite hard apple cider. It's like apple pie à la mode in a glass.

3/4 cup vanilla ice cream
8 oz. hard apple cider, chilled
Dash of cinnamon

Scoop ice cream into a glass and pour hard apple cider over it. Top with a dash of cinnamon, give it a stir and sip with a straw.

-- Natalie, The Soho

Thank you again Natalie for such a stylish drink! Every week we look forward to something new to sip on and we loved this one as much as her previous Frocktails, a gin fizz and sangria, both of which also deserve a spot on your drinks menu. Lastly, be sure to shop our Frocktober calendar for the perfect dress to wear while serving up these cocktails!


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