Saturday, November 15, 2014

While Thanksgiving is traditionally spent with family, we certainly can't forget about the friends we hold near and dear! Thanksgiving is all about feasting and reflecting on what you're thankful for, and Friendsgiving is the perfect way to share all the best parts of this glorious day with your friends! Hosting a Friendsiving shindig is simple, and it's truly a great way to share a few laughs and indulge on a feast if you don't have the means to make it home for the holidays. Here are a few steps to get your Friendsgiving celebration started! 


Invite Guests: Choose a date and send your guests an invite. You can opt to keep it casual with an online event invite, or go the extra step with mailed invitations. Whether you're keeping it close knit or going all out, try not to stress about accommodating everyone's schedules. The holidays are a busy time, and no matter how hard you try, the date you pick may fall on a day where a friend is out of town or has a previous engagement. Do your best to choose a date that works for the majority of your guests and try not to stress if everyone is not able to attend! 

Friensgiving Menu: When it comes to the menu, you have to ask yourself one question: Exactly how much do I want to cook? It's perfectly acceptable to organize a potluck-style celebration where you can take on main dishes that require a little extra attention and time in the kitchen, like the turkey and gravy. In your invite, you can divvy up food responsibilities by allowing your guests to respond what they'll be bringing when they RSVP. If this is the case, make sure to include foods that adhere to guests' diet restrictions. This could be anything from a vegan pumpkin pie to gluten-free stuffing! If you're ready to cook your very own Thanksgiving feast, you can also craft your own dishes and request your guests bring hors d'oeuvres and desserts. 


Delightful Libations: The key to choosing the perfect libation to accompany your Friendsgiving feast is knowing your guests. If your friend group is always exploring new breweries and they discuss craft beer like it's a science, provide a selection of delicious brews in lieu of wine. You can always craft a seasonal sangria and keep it in a pitcher for easy serving.

Entertainment: While you treasure the time you spend together, you still want to keep your guests entertained, especially if there are a few guests that don't know each other very well! Keep the mood light with a casual game or two. Music is also an essential, and even if you don't want to stick to the traditional sounds of the holidays, you can still curate your own playlist, or have a few vinyl records on hand to play! 


Leftovers: Instead of worrying about lending out your plastic containers, we love the idea of buying simple paper take-out boxes so your guests can pick and choose what leftovers they'll be taking home with them. This way, you can easily write names on them so your vegetarian best friend doesn't end up taking your college roommate's turkey and gravy home! 

Lastly...Enjoy! Don't fret if the mashed potatoes aren't quite mashed enough or if you don't have enough desserts to go around - the most important thing is to sit back, relax, and enjoy time with your friends! It is called Friendsgiving, after all! 


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Have you hosted your own Friendsgiving? We would love to hear your tips! Last but not least...don't forget to stop by our selection of cute dresses to find the perfect holiday attire for hosting all your soirees this season! 


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