Thursday, April 26, 2012

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How to Plan the Party:
1) Schedule a dinner party with a group of friends.
2) After you have confirmed who can come, send out cute homemade cards with the party details and assign each person what they should bring - whether it be a craft or a specific food dish.  
3) Tell your guests to try to pick the simpler Pinterest projects so you and your friends aren’t spending hours on each craft or dish.
4) Create a Pinterest board where your friends can pin what they are going to bring on a collaborative board (make sure to check the box under the board edit options that allows others to pin to the board).


Pinterest Party Time:
1) After all your friends have arrived at your house, make the appetizer and begin the first craft.
2) After the appetizer is eaten and the first craft is finished, start making the menu! Soup, salad, main course, drink, dessert, etc. and then enjoy.  
3) After dinner is finished, make the last 1 or 2 crafts while enjoying the dessert.
4) Make sure to take a lot of pictures so you and your friends will have lots of memories to remember. Don't forget to pin your completed projects to the Pinterest Party board!


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  • Me and my sisters have just started this! it is so so fun!!

    Posted on April 27, 2012