Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall is here, which means cooler days have arrived and cozy outfits are a must-have. Can dresses still be apart of your bundled-up wardrobe? Of course! If you're wondering how to stay fashionable and warm during autumn, here is your answer for layering dresses!

The chilly season doesn't mean you have to push your sleeveless dresses to the back of your closet. With simple layering tricks, transition your summer dresses to fall by layering a long-sleeved collared top underneath.


Every fall wardrobe is filled with go-to sweaters and cozy knits, but you can still wear your delicate chiffon dresses too. Simply pair textures together for interest and warmth.

We usually save our fitted dresses for formal occasions, but you can wear them in the fall by creating a new silhouette! A peplum top can do just that as an essential and figure-flattering layering piece.

With a little creativity, every piece in your wardrobe can be a versatile piece. If you need more outfit ideas, pair a skirt with a dress. These two pieces typically aren't paired together, but it's a perfect layering trick!

If you think fall colors are gorgeous, but bold colors are more you, wear them! Simply pair your statement pieces with neutral accessories to maintain your personal style during autumn.


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