Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome to the Ruche Intern Diaries! Internships are a great way to explore a career interest and they have become an increasingly important way for college students and recent grads to gain valuable experience. Here at Ruche, we’re not into the “stick ‘em in the copy room all day” kind of internships. Our interns are given all sorts of varied projects to work on, and we love watching them grow and learn through their time with us. With this new blog series, we are excited to share a behind the scenes peek into life at our office through the eyes of our interns!

For our first installment of Ruche Intern Diaries, we’re interviewing Nat, a junior English literature major at Cal State University Fullerton and our summer social media/marketing intern. We loved having Nat here for most of her summer break, and while we were so sad when it came time for her to go back to school, we are incredibly grateful for all her hard work and wonderful contributions. We know this bright, hard-working gal has a beautiful future ahead of her!

Working at Ruche, what did a typical day entail?
Everyday at Ruche held a new adventure and an amazing learning experience! Very rarely were any two days the same because I was always given the opportunity to learn something new. Each morning I would walk through the office doors and be greeted by the cheerful faces of both fashion-forward co-workers and their adorable little dogs. The day would begin at 9:50 in the break room where, each morning, the marketing team would meet for their usual "10 before 10" meetings. Each person would share what they were currently working on and after some cheery giggles and a few cups of coffee, it was off to the desks with us! A task list was always readily made on my computer for me to dive into: from pinning polka dots on Pinterest, to writing creative compositions for the blog, to questing for the perfect inspirational quote --there was always a new opportunity to think creatively! 

What were some of your favorite projects?
I had the amazing opportunity to research and compose a vacation travel guide for the website. It was my proudest accomplishment during my internship for the many hours I put into perfecting it. The feeling of seeing it posted for the world to see was completely surreal! Another favorite project of mine was being able to help plan for Texas Style Council. From tagging hundreds of pieces of jewelry to coordinating table displays, I was able to help in different aspects of coordinating the event and harnessed PR skills! 

Why did you choose to apply for an internship with Ruche?
I felt that my own personal style reflected the brand's image and I loved everything that they stood for. Although many people try to find a niche anywhere in the fashion industry, its so important to find the right place that fits you. The Ruche staff were the kindest people you could ever ask to work with. The environment I was able to step into everyday always felt so warm and welcoming! 

Did your internship better prepare you for your future?
I can honestly say that my internship at Ruche has truly prepared me for my future. All of the tools and skills that they had equipped me with throughout my three months of working there will be the building blocks of my next steps in life. Ruche gave me the opportunity to learn more than I could've ever imagined and I now feel I can confidently step into the next chapter of my life with so much valuable knowledge and experience under my belt.

Advice you would pass on to future interns would be…
Your internship will be what you make it to be--always come with a willingness to learn and a desire to strive further! Also, bring food. Everyone loves food. :)

--Nat, Social Media Intern - Summer 2013

If you are interested in interning at Ruche, we always have our internship doors open! Our internship opportunities can be found at the bottom of the career page on our website (pre-req: you must love puppies)!


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