Sunday, August 10, 2014

Katy of Wit and Bloom is not only one darling redhead, but she spends her days teaching special needs children, adoring all things vintage, and tending to her adorable pets. We have been fans of this Florida blogger for quite awhile, so needless to say we were excited when she shared her DIY flower crown tutorial with us (complete with beautiful calligraphy text for each step)! The perfect afternoon project for any time of the year, we love everything from the rich jewel tones of autumnal blossoms to the pastel hues of spring flowers. We can't wait to see what you craft using Katy's tutorial! 

Hi! I'm Katy, I am a flower crown designer, and blogger at I am a huge fan of the Ruche blog, and have been loving all the floral inspiration they have been sharing lately. I am a total flower child, and I believe in the power of a sparkly dress and some flowers in your hair. I am so thrilled to be sharing a DIY fresh flower crown with you today. 

You can get fresh flowers from a local florist, the supermarket, or even your own backyard. I generally choose one or two larger blooms, some greenery, and then some smaller flowers to fill in the blank spots with. You will also need some floral wire, floral tape, a pair of scissors. All of which are available at any craft store. Let's begin!

Step 1: Using your floral wire, create a crown base that is large enough to go around your head comfortably. It should be a little on the looser side to allow for stems and tape. Begin placing the stems of your flowers on the crown and wrapping them with floral tape to keep them securely in place. I will sometimes makes a little bundle of a larger bloom and some smaller flowers, and tape them all down at once.

Step 2: Continue wrapping in the same direction. I use a really long piece of tape and just continually wrap it, instead of getting an individual piece of tape for each stem. I find that it holds up a lot better this way. Remember to place the larger blooms, or your bundle first, then fill in with greenery and smaller flowers as you go.

Step 3: When you are nearing the end, make a plan of what bloom is going to go where. I usually lay it out so there isn't a gap between the start and finish. You want it to look like a continual circle.

Step 4: Fill it all in and be sure to wrap the tape very tightly at the end. Floral tape is a lot stronger than it seems! Here is a close up of what the wrapping should look like to keep everything in place.

Step 5: Go over your crown very thoroughly checking for any loose tape or blank spots. If you see any loose spots, you can use a little more tape to secure them down.

You're all done!  Go out and have some fun in your new crown!

For more of Katy's gorgeous flower crowns, you can visit her Etsy shop where she sells her creations. We can't wait to craft our own flower crowns using Katy's simple tutorial.


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