Thursday, May 8, 2014

Clementine Daily's Erin Loechner is not only a talented blogger and lifestyle guru, but a dedicated mother! In addition to her role as "Mom," Erin shares her passion for writing, creativity and self-expression with the minds that visit her blog, speaking engagements, and conferences. Her work can be found in a myriad of publications ranging from Glamour to The Huffington Post, but the work Erin is most proud of is the work she does as a mother. Continue reading for a kernel of Erin's encouraging advice.

Laugh it off as much as you can. Kids are hilarious in every stage, whether whining to get out of the car at age 3, or whining to get in it at age 16. Look for the humor in every situation, rather than defaulting to anger or lectures. Not only will your kids learn how to follow your lead and live life lightheartedly, but your days will be filled with a lot more laughter along the way.

-- Erin, Clementine Daily

We're so thankful that Erin has shared one of the most important lessons she has learned on the path of motherhood. Visit us again tomorrow to see more words of wisdom from some of our favorite mothers and head over to our special mother's day video for a heartwarming look at motherhood.


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