Wednesday, September 16, 2015

yellow heart art custom portraits for wedding day and anniversary 2

We teamed up with Leonora of Yellow Heart Art for our 7th Birthday Party, and we've completely fallen in love with this talented lady. Not only do we love her artwork, she has a larger-than-life personality, that never fails to make us laugh (and that's only been over email!).  Everything is handmade by me in New York. She started Yellow Heart Art back in 2011 as a way for me her have a creative outlet when she still had, what she calls, a terrible corporate 9-5 job. She handmakes everything in New York, and has been seen in Kourtney Kardashian and Mindy Kaling's homes, Lauren Conrad's events, The MTV Movie Award Celeb gift bags and more! Read on to learn more about Leonora, and prepare for a few laughs along the way! Visit our instagram to win a personalized portrait of you by Leonora. Ends 9/28! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I'm an over thinker and am always rockin' a scarf. I love statement necklaces and will always be a backstreet boys fan (tell me whyyyyyyy) I park my car better in reverse than forward and I love me a good cucumber and avocado roll. My husband bought me a website as a birthday gift and it was the most romantic gesture in this history of ever (you can go to to see it, it's a hot mess but he tried!) 


What does your creative process look like?
My creative process goes 1 of 2 ways with out fail. I either nail what I am trying to do right away, or I work on something for days and days and day and it's still not where I want it to be. This is usually followed by curse words, tears, trips to starbucks for a cake pop (or 3) to help clear my mind. I first think of a bunch of quotes that I want to use, and then from there figure out which of the words I want to be emphasized in the print. My custom portraits happened totally by accident. I had made a custom portrait of my husband and I for our engagement party invites. Our friends and family complimented me on our little doodle that I thought I would give them a try in my shop. They are a huge hit and so many people love having a custom portrait of them in their home!

What kind of food helps fuel your creativity?
A bowl of salted almonds and baking chocolate chips. I convince myself it's healthy because, like, almonds. 

yellow heart art wall art steps to success print

How does your personal style influence your artwork?
I love playing around with different color palettes and patterns with my clothes. I have always been really into "umphing" up an outfit by adding either a really cute hat, a giant     statement necklace or a scarf. I do the same thing with my prints because I don't just want to slap some words on a page and call it a day. I want to take those art quote prints to the next level by making them out of gold foil or adding some fun decorative elements like geometric shapes or water color marks. 

Where do you look for inspiration during your creative process?
Actually I go to fashion trends. I see what color palettes are popular and what patterns people are drawn to. I then try to incorporate those pieces into my designs. I'm working on getting some floral patterns into my prints, I'll let you know how that goes!

How do you come up with the sayings in your artwork?
From my own head ha! Basically I always try to make a print relatable. If I am selling my items in person somewhere and someone walks by and goes "ha! I've totally felt that!" then I know I succeeded. One of my best selling prints is "Take on today like you just aced your eyeliner" because I know for me the days where I have a perfectly symmetrical cat eye (on the first try) I feel like I can legit stop a moving train with my bare hands (note: don't do that, you'll ruin your eyeliner) so instead of saying something like "take on the day!" I try to amp it up with some humor and quirk.

yellow heart art wall art run towards your dreams 2 print

Our motto here at Ruche is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
I #LiveBeautifully by embracing my flaws. It took me a LONG time to be ok with them (and honestly, some days those insecurities still creep back up) but I've come to realize people are not as critical of me as I am of myself. I hate smiling too wide for photos because I Have 3 fake front teeth (thank you 14 year old me for fainting face first down some stairs) when I tell people this they are shocked to hear I have fake teeth. My thighs rub together when I walk and I am rocking some crazy stretch marks on my upper arms but ya know what? No one cares, and if they do then that's their problem because I am still going to wear tank tops and smile as big as I can because life is too short to constantly worry about how other people view you. 

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in a similar career path? 
Yes! It's ok to fail. It's ok to make things that suck. It's ok if people don't like what you do. Not everything you try to put out there is going to be a winner, if it was that easy we would all be gagillionares living in pent house suites while flying around in our private jet that have our faces painted on the outside of them. Don't get discouraged, if you are truly passionate about what you're doing you'll make it work and rally! 

Yellow Heart Art Ace Eyeliner

Thanks Leonora! Visit her Etsy to purchase her beautiful artwork and enter our giveaway to win a personalized illustration of you our instagram! 





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