Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Once upon a time…we love those four magical words! For our summer fashion feature, An Enchanted Tale, we wanted to create a storybook world with life-size origami that fit beautifully with summer fashion staples like soft pastel mint, effortless chiffon, floral prints, bright accessories, and romantic embellishments. During the daydreaming and brainstorming that happens before a photo shoot, we thought, what if we could be transported to a place where paper visions dance in a magical landscape? A place where we could dress with summery whimsy and enchanted romance? And that’s where Orchid comes in!

Orchid is our imaginative Creative Coordinator who is set design savvy and knows her way around a glue gun! She spends her days in our creative room bringing all our creative visions to life. So when our summer style feature called for life-size origami creatures and props, she spent weeks creating, folding and building. Read on for more from Orchid on behind the scenes fun!

On the creative research process… “I spent a lot of time researching different origami shapes before I started constructing the pieces for the set. Most of the inspiration for the designs came from traditional origami techniques. In fact, a few of the pieces (butterflies, foxes, flowers) were made by just folding really large pieces of paper and following instructions that I found online!”

On building a pink paper unicorn… “I think that the larger origami shapes (like the unicorn, elephant, and crane) were the more difficult ones to make. I knew that making the origami unicorn was going to be a challenge, so it ended up being one of the first pieces that I worked on. On the day that I was going to start building it, someone (Beth!) asked me what I was up to, and I casually just said, "Today, I'm building a unicorn!". It was definitely a conversation starter once it was complete! People would pass by the creative room and just happen to see a giant pink unicorn sitting in there!”

--Orchid, our Creative Coordinator

After this shoot, we are thinking about adding “Master Origami Folder” to Orchid’s official title!

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