Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory is a darling must-read for anyone with a budding interest in design or love of letters. Typography is powerful for the way it communicates through form and layout, not simply relaying a message but influencing how you understand a message. Letters can become more than a mode of communication but a work of art on their own. The art of typography has seen a creative renaissance in recent years! This renewed love for thoughtful lettering is a move away from impersonal, computerized fonts to a more personal, handmade aesthetic. The book profiles artists, designers, and typesetters around the world and their creative designs, surveying the diverse experiments and innovations taking place for an overview of contemporary lettering.

The book is organized around the concise explanations of digitally drawn lettering, hand-drawn lettering, and three-dimensional lettering and the artist profiles. It is so fun to flip through the different lettering examples and see the ways they are pushing the boundaries of type. Each artist profile gives you a sense of what the artist is trying to achieve, their processes, and how they have balanced creating something new with the need for readability. We loved reading about the benefits and drawbacks of digital versus hand-drawn, and learning why one designer might choose to work with vectors and Adobe Illustrator while another would opt for tracing paper and pencil.

The Little Book of Lettering makes a charming coffee table book for design lovers and anyone with a soft spot for lovely typography. It is adorably compact, brightly colored, and creatively inspiring, the sort of beautiful book to flip through that reminds us why we won’t be switching over to an e-reader anytime soon!

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