Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Meet Alysha Kerr! She's a Ruche employee AND our summer lookbook musician! Continue reading to find out a little more about her and the inspiration behind her original song, "Wheelbarrow".

Where did you find inspiration for this song?
This song is very much a reflection back on a day I spent with two of my friends just writing and singing in a park in my hometown. It was such a relaxing day, it was sunny and warm and families were playing in the park, that’s when I realized, I really don’t spend enough time just breathing and relaxing. I tend to get so bogged down with life and day to day routines that I forget to just relax every once in a while. So that’s what the chorus of the song is about, it’s finally allowing myself and inviting everyone else to dump the “dirt” we carry with us day to day, and just relax.

Tell us about the songwriting and recording process.
Songwriting for me always starts with pen and paper, otherwise I get lost and disoriented and I have no idea what I’m doing. But writing is my first love so sitting down with a good journal and my favourite pen is always my favourite place to start. Then I take it to my guitar. I love trying to find interesting things that I can do vocally and push myself to really be better. I love the recording process, to me it feels like the hardest work is done and now I get to just have fun. It was so much fun recording “Wheelbarrow”, my good friend Haleigh Trickett and my cousin Delton helped me out a lot. It was a lot of fun working with them and turning my living room into a recording studio.

When did you start singing and writing songs? How many have you written?
I’ve been writing, no joke, since I was in the 2nd grade, I love writing. Singing took me a little while longer to realize that I actually really loved. I had been in several choirs from 3rd grade until about 6th grade. As I got older, I was constantly singing in my room to myself and one day my dad even proposed that I choose music as a career path. I literally laughed in his face, but looking back, he must have heard something in me that I
didn’t at the time. Once I got to college that’s when I really realized just how much I love singing, so I learned how to play the guitar only intending to play worship at my church, but that changed. I was constantly late for class because I spent all of my time playing my guitar and singing in my dorm room. I just couldn’t put it down. Since then I’ve started many songs but have only finished about eight to ten.

How would you describe your style of music?
Probably indie-folk.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?
There are seriously so many. But whenever I feel like I’m lacking direction or inspiration I usually look to Rachel Sermanni. She’s incredible.

What is one song you can't stop listening to at the moment?
Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit.

Aside from singing, what are your other talents/interests?
I’m an avid crocheter (that’s probably not a word), I’ve made everything from scarves to mittens to whole sweaters and much more. I also, love softball, I was actually a pinch runner on a local travel softball team for about a year when I was in high school.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In my spare time, I’m quite simple, more than anything I just love spending quality time with those close to me. I mentor a group of girls that are currently in the 8th grade, being around them is the joy of my world. When I’m not with them I’m usually with my family or friends.

Do you think one day you'll ever release your own album? Or do you consider singing just a hobby?
I really hope to release an album someday. I think if I had been asked this question about a year ago I would have said that it’s just a hobby, but now I think that this is something I want to do for a living. Actually, after recording “Wheelbarrow” with my friend Haleigh Trickett we decided to join forces and create a band. We are extremely excited for whatever the future will hold for us in music.

This or that:
Cats or dogs? Dogs.
Cake or pie? Cake.
Spring or summer? Spring.
Sneakers or sandals? Sandals.
Beach or city? Beach.

Listen to more of Alysha's music on her SoundCloud and Facebook. Be sure to listen to her sing in our summer lookbook too!


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