Friday, August 24, 2012

On my 21st birthday, my boyfriend Jasson took me to a beach in Santa Cruz, ostensibly for a hike. Our friend Robert, a photography enthusiast, came with us. Unbeknownst to me, earlier that morning Jasson had visited this beach and written "Will you marry me?" in the sand.


We hiked along the beautiful seaside cliffs while Robert took pictures. And we hiked. And hiked. And hiked. After an hour or two I started to get tired, and besides, it was windy and a bit cold. "Come on guys, let's go back," I said. But Jasson and Robert were curiously resistant to my suggestion. What I didn't know was that they were looking for the beach where Jasson had written the words – he couldn't quite remember how to get there! I can only imagine the panic that was going through his mind as he saw his proposal plans going awry.


When Jasson found the beach he was looking for, almost miraculously the wind died down and the sun came out. He led me towards a cliff while Robert stayed behind, saying he wanted to take some more photos. As we stood out on the cliff, Jasson had me close my eyes. "I love you more than all the water in the ocean," he whispered in my ear. That was when I finally realized that something was up.


When I opened my eyes, I saw the words written on the beach. I turned around and Jasson was on one knee. And, well, here's what happened, captured in real time by our dear friend Robert, who was the best man at our wedding one year later.


It was the best birthday ever.



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    Posted on August 25, 2012