Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today’s love story comes to us from crafty blogger Dear Lizzy! But unlike other stories in this series, this one highlights the relationship between a little girl and man’s best friend. Read on to to learn how Lizzy’s dog Tuque has become the trusty sidekick of her precious daughter, Lola!

The Lola and Tuque love story is one of genuine friendship. It started almost two years ago when I surprised my husband with a Newfoundland puppy for his birthday. His dream dog, I guess you could say. A couple months before his birthday he showed me a picture of a puppy someone was selling a couple hours away. I contacted the dog breeder and made secret arrangments to add this pup to our family. On my husband's birthday, while the rest of our crew was at church I drove with Lola to pick Tuque up. She was only eighteen months and the only one I trusted with such a secret. Back then he was the perfect size for her lap and rode home all the way home resting in her arms. My husband literally had tears in his eyes when he saw me carrying the doggie that was now his. It was sweet how Lola also connected with Tuque instantly and they've become best friends.

Since then it's been a non-stop gush fest with those two. He follows her around all day. She cuddles up on him when her older sisters are too cool to play with her. He licks the melted ice cream off her cheeks. She opens the dog drawer and gets him a bone everyday. But only one so his tummy won't hurt. He is right there following her and protecting her wherever she goes.

It's a friendship with nothing to give but love and nothing to take but a smile and warm fuzzy hug. Plus, she lets dad pick up his poop. Tuque has definitely given Lola extra confidence and a loving friendship.

Happy Valentine's Day from the little girl to her bear! This video I filmed and edited for my husband sums them up perfectly:

-- Lizzy of Dear Lizzy

Visit Lizzy’s blog for cute DIYs and heartwarming photos of her little ones! To brighten your day even further, read the rest of our Real Stories here and let us know in the comments -- how will you be spending Valentine’s Day?


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