Friday, February 14, 2014

Hi there, Ruche Readers!  I’m Amy, aka One Artsy Mama.  Usually on my blog, I share all kinds of honest inspiration for everyday life; projects that are “honestly doable,” fashion and beauty tips that are “honestly wearable,” kids’ projects that are “honestly teachable,” and more!  But today, I’m thrilled to be here on Ruche’s blog to share a love story with you…my own.  Believe it or not, my hubby and I have known each other for a little more than seventeen years now!!  We started dating 14 years ago and celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this past December.  Wow.  That makes me feel old.  Moving on…

We originally met when I was 15 and he was 18.  {Do not, I repeat, do not do the math.  I am 29.  Again.}  He had just graduated high school and I had finished 10th grade.  That summer, we both ended up going on the same youth retreat weekend, something called Chrysalis.  We didn’t get to know each other very well, because a lot of the talks and small group times were separated by gender, but I did notice that he was cute.  I mean, look at him…it’s not hard.  It wasn’t until several years later, when I was a sophomore in college, that we reconnected and decided to start dating.  We had lots of adventures together and frequently ate Chinese, where he would always open his fortune cookie and pretend the fortune said, “Help, I’m being held hostage in a fortune cookie making factory.”  {To this day, he does that and still thinks it’s funny.}

He proposed on my 20th birthday by taking me to the place where we had reconnected {Pizza Hut} for dinner, and after we finished eating, the waitress brought out balloons and two fortune cookies on a plate.  When I opened mine, it read, “Will you marry me?”  He had chosen a beautiful heart shaped diamond for me, and I happily accepted his proposal.  We got married a year later, during the winter break of my senior year of college and have spent every day since then deepening our friendship and our love for each other.  We love to quote this song lyric to each other: “I love you more today than yesterday…but not as much as tomorrow.”  In fact, that’s engraved inside his ring.  It’s impossible to sum up our entire relationship up to this point in just three photos, but if I had to try, these are the ones I would choose.

Shortly after our marriage, hubby signed us up for a month’s worth of ballroom and swing dance lessons.  Both of us fell in love with dance and have been partners ever since. Dance is really a beautiful picture of how a relationship works; we’re mutually moving in the same direction and communicating with subtle cues as we navigate the floor.  I had no idea when we first started that it would lead to me changing careers and becoming a dance instructor, and I had no idea what an amazing support and encouragement hubby would be when I took that big leap of faith!

As my regular readers know, our family loves the Baltimore Ravens!  But you may not know just how serious we are about our team!  It’s one more thing we have in common. We wear our jerseys and faithfully watch every game together {usually from our couch; we’re not typically lucky enough to have tickets!}.  We jump and yell and occasionally throw pillows at the television.  And we also co-manage our fantasy team, the Bad Lattatudes, which gave us a silver lining this past season when the Ravens didn’t perform well.  Because our fantasy QB was Peyton Manning.  Enough said.

And, we go on adventures together.  We have a balance of being responsible but still not taking things too seriously.  Our first date involved taking random pictures {like me sitting in a high chair along the side of the road}, and we still enjoy a good adventure…like parasailing at the beach this summer!  You may remember that I deal with some anxiety, so it’s pretty amazing the things hubby can get me to do!  He encourages and inspires me to be brave, and I’m so thankful for that!

So, we dance together, we cheer together, and we play together…what about you? What’s your love story?  How do you and your partner “click?”   Are there three pictures or words that represent your relationship? 

I want to wish you the very happiest of Valentine’s Days this year.  Take some time to let the special people in your life know how much you love them, and then resolve to make sure they know it every single day, not just the 14th of February. Remember, love is a verb!  And speaking of love…I’d love for you to come visit me anytime at One Artsy Mama so I can {hopefully} give you some honest inspiration for your everyday life!

-- Amy, of One Artsy Mama


As Amy asked, what's your love story? Watch our video below for our thoughts on love and share your thoughts with us too! We'd love to know how you #livebeautifully.