Friday, February 14, 2014

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Nicole Alyse (the beauty of Running In Wedges) shared her love story with us. Simple and sweet, she reminds us that love can be found when you least expect it.

Sometimes I've felt like a jaded New Yorker when it came to love. Maybe a little bit Carrie Bradshaw at times, if you will. It's no surprise, in a city so big, it's hard (actually, nearly impossible) to fall in love.. even harder, to stay in love.

It's true what they say, once  you stop looking for something, it comes to you. It may have always even been right in front of you, but you are so wrapped up you can't even see it!

Two years ago, on New Years eve, I decided to not spend it with anyone who I was currently dating. (Dating, meaning going on dates with. No one that was my "boyfriend") I really thought about my current situation, and decided I didn't want to start the year off with anyone I didn't see myself with moving forward. So, what did I do? Threw on my biggest platforms, and headed out to my friends party in Williamsburg to celebrate New Years eve with my date, myself. To be honest, I felt great about this.

Clock strikes 12, and in comes a boy I've never seen before. I guess you could say, it was love at first sight. We started chatting in the kitchen when we both nearly knocked over a picture frame and couldn't stop laughing. We decided to head to a bar down the street to go dance the New Year away and It was instant chemistry. From that day on, we spent a week straight together. From there, we were boyfriend and girlfriend nearly a month or two later.

Today, over two years later, we've shared so many amazing memories together. We've become the best team I could ever imagine. We're even in our final days of opening our own vintage boutique, American Gypsy Vintage, in Beacon, NY and living together! 

It's amazing what comes to you once you stop looking for it. Trust me, I've now been dating my best friend for the past two years. Love is such a funny and wonderful thing. Happy Valentines Day!

-- Nicole Alyse, of Running In Wedges


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