Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashion blogger Pamada of Just Pandippo shares with us an incredible day with her best friends in San Francisco enjoying tea, cupcakes and best of all, the sweet company of one another. Proving you are never too old for a tea party, Pamada's story warms our hearts and reminds us that through distance and months apart, true friendship merely picks up right where you left off. ♥


Tea for Three
Guest Post by Pamada, of Just Pandippo



My friend Chelle lives in a far away land called Philadelphia, and I never get to see her.  Every time I drive by the San Francisco airport, I think, gosh, I wish Chelle was visiting.  Every time she does visit (which is maybe once every few years), its only been for a few hours and then she’s off to save the world again!


But this last time was different.  It was spectacular, really. Not only was she visiting for a couple of days, but she, as well as our friend Anna, would be staying at my place!  This meant a lot less travel time (Anna lives almost an hour and half away from me) and a lot more time to do things like visit the deYoung Museum, drive around San Francisco a million times, grab a bowl of clam chowder... And go to Crown & Crumpet.



Do you remember the times as a child you use to dress up in your mother’s finest, pearls and lipstick, and had a fantastic tea party with your friends Sally the Rag Doll and Molly the Sock Monkey? Now multiply that image by a hundred and you’ll get Crown & Crumpet.


Located in San Francisco’s Ghiradelli Square, Crown & Crumpet is pretty much every little girl’s dream come true.  The minute you walk in the door, your eyes are filled with cuteness. From pink tiles to a floral pink couch, Crown & Crumpet is literally covered from head to toe in pink and filled with random, adorable vintage items. And candy. And cupcakes. And tea cups. Lots and lots of really ridiculously adorable tea cups. That can be purchased.  Really dangerous stuff here.  I can’t tell you how hard it was to resist not taking an entire tea set home.  Especially since the tea cup saucers and the tea pots have sayings on them. Really cute sayings like “Gossip and Scandal are the best sweeteners for tea”, or “Bread and Water can so easily be Toast and Tea”.  Can you imagine? Lifting up your tea cup to take a sip and seeing a pink little flower with a quote on your saucer?  It’s almost too much to handle.


And yet some how we did.  We decided to order the “Tea for Three”, which can easily be turned into “Tea for Two” or “Tea for Four”.  The cost is same across the board.  I did feel like three was a good number, though, because it let us try three different types of tea without getting too overwhelmed.  We ordered the private house blend, Paris, and a mango infused tea.  Mango was my favorite, but Chelle and Anna both loved the Paris.  The tea also comes with an assortment of appropriate foods. Sandwiches, and cookies, and crumpets. Oh, the crumpets.  I have dreams about this.  You have the option to top this warm and delicious crumpet with butter, lemon curd, or jam.  Or all three if you feel so inclined.  No one will judge you, I promise.  They’ll all be too busy eating theirs and wishing they had more crumpets. I really wish I had one right now. Not that the rest of the food wasn’t tasty as well.  The best part is that the food is always changing; no table gets the same combination of food.  That means that every time you go, your experience is different.  Which means you should go--a lot.


At the end of our tea we invaded the living room like setting, batted our pretty eyes and asked the waiter if he would take our picture on the pretty pink floral couch.  It was the perfect ending to our day and to Chelle’s trip.  Now if only she would come back so we could go again! 


--Padama, from Just Pandippo


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