Monday, December 3, 2012

view the maternity party outfit: metallic gown, colorful cardigan

Hi everyone! With holiday parties (and my due date) quickly approaching, I've been on the hunt for the perfect holiday party maternity dress. It hasn't been easy though. I wanted a longer dress and something with more elegance, so when we found this dress for A Glistening Occasion, I fell in love with it. It's so comfortable and it fits over my belly! :) I can't wait to wear it after Amelie comes too. It's officially December, so she'll be here this month... Josh and I can't believe it. We have a few things left on our to-do list, but we're just about set


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  • i just saw 'a glistening occasion' and it is my favorite ruche lookbook so far! that metallic dress looks lovely on you too. and it's so sparkly... yayy :)

    Posted on December 3, 2012

  • After giving birth, Its majora very important to stay warm. Eat lots of ginger related foods (Soups and Teas) and don't take a shower for about a week. (I know it sounds super gross but its a necessary precaution.If you want to take a bath after that, take one with ginger and sage.) You need to keep your womb warm and let it heal properly. Make sure to get lots of rest and If I were you, I wouldn't go out with the baby for about 40 days. Its not safe for either of you. Luck to you both! Hope you guys have a speedy delivery. :D

    With Best Wishes -
    San Gabriel Valley MC
    Maternity-Ward Nurse.

    Posted on December 4, 2012