Monday, December 10, 2012

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Two weeks left! I often get asked if I'm nervous about the labor process, the pain, etc. Is it weird that I don't think of it at all? I feel optimistic about it and in general, I think I'm the type of person that will just deal with it when it happens. My mentality through the whole thing is: it is going to be very painful and intense, yes, but most women don't mind doing it again... so it's going to be okay! The truth is, I'm actually more nervous about what happens after her arrival. I've been so used to life with just me and Josh, and now our lives are going to change with addition of our very own baby, Amelie. It'll change for the better, of course, but the first few months are going to be tough -- breastfeeding, sleepness nights, unending diaper changes, and running Ruche while all of this is going on. This makes me more nervous than labor itself, but I know we'll get through this and it's going to be the most amazing experience ever. Amelie, we're ready for you.


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  • I felt the same way! I was optimistic and stayed focused on getting to hold my baby, and I ended up having a six-hour, relatively easy labor with no complications. I sincerely hope the same for you and your new baby girl. :) Also, thank you for posting all of these adorable maternity outfits! I'm pregnant again, and I'm really grateful for the wardrobe inspiration. Much luck to you in labor and your transition into motherhood!

    Posted on December 18, 2012