Monday, December 17, 2012

 View the maternity party outfit: peplum cardigan, printed blouse, maxi skirt, bangle set, colorblocked flats

One more week to go... hopefully! I went to the doctor and there is a possibility that she might be a bit late. Amelie just feels too comfortable, I guess! I've been walking around more often lately, which is supposed to help the process. There are tons of myths about eating certain things to help induce the baby. I'm not sure if any of them work (or if they're safe) so I'll simply stick with walking for now. The longer she says in there, the bigger she's going to get! Wish us luck!


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  • Love it! I just pinned that blouse yesterday as a potential maternity top. Glad to see it does the trick :)

    And good luck, Mai, with little Amelie and the birthing process!

    Posted on December 18, 2012