Saturday, September 28, 2013

The hand lettered, whimsically illustrated book is a charming guide to bringing sustainability into your life and home. A book of tutorials by DIY queen Raleigh Briggs. Conversational, helpful, inspiring. This book is never preachy, it emphasizes making the right choices for your health and body and home, while sharing tips and tutorials. It makes you realize that there are so many natural alternatives for market consumer items. The idea that reduced consumption is better than conscious consumption. Promotes living an intentional, sustainable existence. If you have been wanting to live more simply, value sustainability, and appreciate DIY, this book is the best place to start.

Make Your Place is divided into three sections, each filled with fun, conversational writing and easy to follow tutorials. In the natural health and herbal remedies section, there are instructions on how to make salves, tinctures, and infusions for an alternative approach to healing many common ailments. While conventional medicine is important in many scenarios, there are times when you can solve a tummy ache with the right herbs as opposed to immediately reaching for a pill. If you have been wanting to make the switch to natural cleaning, the second section on natural housekeeping and body care has cheap and easy ideas. Learn the ingredients for natural cleaners, so your walls, windows and floors will be squeaky clean without the need for harmful chemicals in your home. The body care section may have you rethinking your shampoo and conditioners, and leaving the expensive face wash and scrubs at the department store for natural alternatives. After reading this section you may find yourself leaving the conventional cleaners at the supermarket and making your own. Home-made cleaners are less expensive, gentler for the earth, and not harmful to the nervous and respiratory system since they are made without neurotoxins.

This is the perfect introduction as well as a quick reference you will definitely want to keep on hand. The simple skills we should all have for our homes, health, and families.

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