Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Before we get caught up in April showers, let's look back on the month of March! In case you missed any of these moments, here are some of our favorite posts and highlights of the month:

1. We launched our spring lookbook this month! Take a look at "Flourish: A Life Inspired by Spring Blooms" for spring fashion inspiration and watch the accompanying video for an uplifting story. And for more information on our experience with the lookbook, go behind the scenes! We loved working with flowers and filling the office with the first signs of spring.

2. Later on in the month, it was finally time to unveil our new bridal collection and lookbook, From This Day Forward! We started a new Facebook page to correspond with our latest offerings, so make sure to "like" Ruche Bridal to stay up-to-date with all things wedding-related. We're thrilled to bring our Ruchettes this new, affordable wedding collection and are excited to carry an assortment of authentic vintage items in addition to our selection of new dresses and accessories!

3. In conjunction with our new bridal collection, we've begun a new series on the blog focusing on our Marketing Coordinator and Stylist, Sam and Sarah, and their engagement journeys. The first installment launches last week, so make sure you meet the gals before next week's update!

4. March was a month of learning to branch out! Our blog post on little acts of courage has inspired us to try new things and share our creativity with the world around us. We hope it'll encourage you to face your fears as well!

5. We've immersed ourselves in amazing music this month! Are you a music-enthusiast interested in collecting vinyl? Our helpful Beginner's Guide to Buying Vintage Vinyl will show you the ropes!

6. In celebration of our lookbook, we took some time to delve into the language of flowers. Take a peek at our blog post to discover what message your favorite blossoms hold and which flowers make the best gifts due to their meaning!

7. We focused a lot on styling denim and chambray this past month (it's just so versatile!), so we couldn't help but research the how our the fabric came to be a wardrobe staple. To learn about the origin of your favorite jeans, take a look at our Short History on Denim.

8. If you weren't aware, we're pretty obsessed with 31 Bits! We started carrying many of their new pieces this month and can't resist collecting them all. To learn more about the organization, take a look at why we love the brand!

9. Due to the ever-present thought of spring break this month, we focused on planning road trips and weekend adventures that we can fit into our free weekends. If you're planning on a little getaway, take a look at our road trip snack ideas, our spring bucket list, and some inspiring checklists for the season!

10. Spring always seems to arrive with a full social agenda in hand! To prepare for the occasions ahead, we put together a collection of pretty outfits you can wear to daytime weddings, weekend brunches, and evening soirees.

What were your highlights of the month? Let us know in the comments below!


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