Thursday, December 27, 2012

Josh and I debated whether or not we wanted to take maternity photos. I figured that my weekly Maternity Monday photos would be enough, but a week before our due date, I changed my mind! We called one of our best friends, Ning Wong, and scheduled a session. We're really really glad we did! To document such a special time in our lives is priceless, and I'm sure Amelie will enjoy the photos when she's older.  
A few maternity photo tips: I highly recommend bringing props. Just little details (like baby clothing, shoes, and toys) really add unique and fun elements to a shoot. Also, make sure to request detailed shot from your photographer. They're some of our favorites!

More updates and photos of our little one are on they're way. Stay tuned, everyone, and thank you for your well wishes!

Mai and Josh

In case you missed it last week, click here to welcome baby Amelie!