Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We are always looking for new ways to liven up our outfits and our most recent favorite style is print mixing! Wondering how to mix prints? Here are our rules:

1. Limit your outfits to two prints.
2. Choose prints with a common color or pair prints with an identical color scheme.
3. Treat polka dots and stripes like neutrals. They go with anything!
4. Mix tighter patterns with more open patterns.
5. Add minimal accessories.

Scroll down to see how a few of our favorite bloggers pair their prints!

Julia wears polka dots as her neutral piece, and pairs the blue from her pants with the blue print on her top. The common color makes the outfit cohesive!

We've always adored how Kendi wears stripes and this outfit is another to add to the list. With minimal accessories, Kendi wears her stripes as a neutral and pulls a common color from both prints too.

Want to mix prints like Rachel? She pairs two prints with an identical color scheme for an effortlessly chic outfit.

Pair prints like our stylist, Mara! She selected a striped blouse as her neutral piece and paired a colorful floral blazer with it. She also kept in mind rule #4, and paired a tighter pattern (thin stripes) with a more open pattern (bold florals).

While two completely different prints can clash, Emily manages to look fashionable! With stripes as a neutral pattern, Emily chose a print with common colors and limited her accessories too.

Add a few daring looks to your wardrobe with our collection of prints. With these rules and examples in mind, you'll be mixing prints like a stylist in no time!


  • I love this post! I Especially love the floral blazer with striped shirt underneath! I'm always looking to mix prints but I'm never sure how to pull it off! Thanks!

    Posted on May 14, 2013