Monday, April 6, 2015


We're updating our wardrobe, but we're actually beginning by looking backwards. Follow us while we explore the midi skirts of the 1940s through the perfect balance of feminine yet edgy of the 1990s. While exploring these Decades of Style, we're incorporating our favorite vintage styles into our decidedly modern wardrobe. Wearing vintage or vintage-inspired pieces is actually quite simple - just follow our tips for incorporating vintage style into your wardrobe for sartorial success! We are absolutely in love with the texture and unique touch each of these vintage pieces bring to any outfit. Whether your trying out a groovy pair of bell-bottoms, or classic rounded sunglasses add an enchanting vintage flair to your spring wardrobe with our vintage styling tips

1940s: Add a modern touch to your midi skirt by pairing it with on-trend chambray. vintage-style

1950s: Incorporate full skirts into your modern day wardrobe with a basic tee.vintage-inspired-outfit

1960s: The 60s were full of bold colors and patterns. Don't be afraid to mix prints!how-to-wear-vintage

1970s: The 70s are a major trend this year! Add statement accessories to a traditional 70s look. modern-70s-style

1980s: Channel the vibrance of the 80s by softening bright patterns with basics. modern-vintage-style

1990s: Add a feminine touch to a bomber jacket with a delicate dress. cute-vintage-outfit

Which decade is your favorite? Don't forget to stop by the Decades of Style collection and see our picks for vintage style inspiration, and learn more about vintage fashion with our Vintage Clothing Guide!



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