Friday, May 9, 2014

Founder and editor of modern design blog Design Milk and pet design blog Dog Milk, Jaime Derringer is a hardworking, talented woman whose work has been featured in everything from the Los Angeles Times to Real Simple Magazine. Between balancing her two blogs, speaking on design, and consulting, this go-getter managers to find time to spend with her husband, daughter, and darling dog. Jaime's motherly advice comes from her father, who's played a nurturing role in her life. Read on for the wonderful lesson he passed on to her!

My Dad (!) gave me some motherly advice once that I will always remember and use in future teenage parenting: “If it doesn’t hurt them, let it go.” I’m pretty sure he was referring to my purple hair when I was 16! But, I think what he meant was that as a parent, you should put your energy into the important stuff, the stuff that will help them grow and shape them intellectually, emotionally and ethically rather than wasting time and energy on silly things like fashion trends or phases. In other words, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” Great life advice, too! :)

-- Jaime, Design Milk

A big thank-you to Jaime for sharing with us! Make sure to check out her blog, and head over to our special mother's day video for a heartwarming look at motherhood.


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