Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year's Eve calls for the biggest (read: most glittery) party of the year! Before you start pondering your resolutions for 2014, why not go all out with DIY razzle dazzle to ring in the new year with style? First, to add to the holiday sparkle, decorate your New Year's bash with as much tinsel and shine as possible. Next, break out the glitter and mod podge, because you'll need them to create these sparkly 2014 tinsel numbers!

Mod podge
Tinsel curtain
Painter's tape

1. Use a template (or draw your own design) to trace and cut out numbers from a piece of cardboard.

2. Plan out which sections you’d like to cover in glitter (note: you will not be wrapping these areas in tinsel, so they’ll be exposed). Place painter’s tape at the borders of each glitter section and start brushing on mod podge.

3. Sprinkle the area with glitter. Allow time for the mod podge to dry before removing the tape.

4. Next, cut small sections of the tinsel curtain to wrap around the numbers. Wrap one end in tape so that the strands don’t become loose.

5. Tape one end of the tinsel to the back side of the number.

6. Begin wrapping the tinsel around the cardboard, making sure to cover the entire area (except for the glitter-covered portions). You may have to wrap around an area more than once to cover everything.

7. For numbers with corners, tape one end of the tinsel to the front instead of the back. Place it in the middle of a section that will be wrapped in tinsel later on, that way it won’t show. Pull the tinsel to the back side of the number, cut the ends, and tape to secure.

8. Continue cutting and taping tinsel until your numbers are complete!

These tinsel numbers are like the icing on the cake for your New Year's decorations. Create a backdrop for a New Year's Eve photo booth or welcome your party guests inside with your freshly handcrafted tinsel numbers. Like this DIY project, we think the new year is looking beautifully bright!


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