Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Immediately when we met Stephanie from the Nie Nie Dialogues, our hearts flooded with love and inspiration. It's the love that we hold so dear to our hearts that ignite our everyday life with beauty. She's a mother of five, a loving wife and a miraculous survivor. Her feminine and elegant style along with her strength and poise make her a remarkable story. We just had to share. ♥

For those who aren’t familiar with your incredible story, would you mind introducing
My name is Stephanie Nielson. I am a mother, wife, blogger, and burn & plane crash survivor. I began blogging in 2005 when I was living in New Jersey with 2 little girls and one little boy. My blog was just a basic mommy blog. My husband got a job in Arizona where we moved our family and I had another little boy making 4 children total. In August of 2008, my husband (a pilot) and I were in a airplane crash which killed our friend aboard and burned my husband (who I call “Mr. Nielson” on my blog) 35 % and I was burned over 80% and put in a medically induced coma for almost 4 months. It will be 5 years since the accident in August and since then I have learned to walk, move, eat among other things. Last year I delivered a healthy little girl. I am blessed!

You and your husband are an inspiration, and your outlook on life is beautiful. Who or what inspires you? What do you consider important and beautiful?
I have learned what beauty truly is. It’s not what you look like or the clothes you wear {although I believe being well-groomed is important} but it is inside that counts. I am inspired daily by my three little girls, they are growing up in a world where appearance is nearly everything. I want them to be strong and armed with the knowledge that you can be the most beautiful looking woman but its not true beauty unless it shines from the inside out. They are the epitome of true beauty - they are true beauty in all forms. They are inspiring to me! Beauty is eyes. I believe the eyes tell the story. You can lie out your mouth, but not out of your eyes. I think it’s a sixth sense I’ve picked up. I have learned (and teach my children) to look into peoples eyes when they talk to them, that way any kind of disability or physical problem is second to who they are truly are.

Speaking of your husband, how did you two meet? (We’re slightly addicted to love stories.)
I met Christian at my dad’s office. I was subbing for my dad’s secretary that day and he happened to walk in. It was like bells and harps for me. I KNEW I would marry him. I was struck at first glance. Truly, I knew I was going to marry him. He came into my dad’s office a lot after that day and finally he asked me out. We both knew it was right and married about 3 months after.

How many children do you have? Can you describe each one in a few words?
I have five children:
Claire, 11 ½: Cautious, careful, creative, fashionista.
Jane, 10: Redhead, sensitive, very imaginative, and helpful, slightly stubborn.
Oliver, 8: Quiet, calm, clean, sweet, motivated - mini-Christian.
Nicholas, 5: Laid back, easy, artistic, loves to be outside.
Charlotte, 1: Baby, feisty, another redhead, sweet.

How old were your children at the time of your accident? Were they able to understand what happened, and how has it affected them today?
Claire was 6 and just starting 1st grade. Jane was 5 and began kindergarten. Oliver was 3 and Nicholas was 18  months. It was such a hard time for them, especially my girls- particularly Jane. She really struggled. My family did an amazing job at helping them through everything. For a long time the medical staff told my family that Christian and I were not going to live so my family stepped up and took my children. They were taken such good care of, and it was really a tender time and they were very blessed and protected.

They struggle when Christian and I go away on trips together - especially when we fly. We just flew to Europe and my girls were very very nervous for us. We have to communicate about it and talk through everything over and over again. But we believe that God will take care of us - He has never left us alone, and never will. That is a comfort. 

Your story must touch hearts every day. Do you receive a countless number of emails? Are you able to respond to them all?
I have over 20,000 e-mails in my inbox right now. I can’t possibly respond to them let alone read most of them. It is very daunting and overwhelming. I wish I could though! Most of them are so nice and kind and encouraging. I am so thankful for people who have helped me and gotten me through so much. People I have never met - people are so good. There are some very mean people too. I get haters. It’s exhausting and discouraging. 

When/why did you decide to start your blog? How has your blog changed since the accident?
My blog began in 2005. It hasn’t changed much since then. I still write about my children, my feelings, what I do, my mothering, and how much I love my husband.

We often see your stylish outfits on your blog and Instagram, and we must say you’re gorgeous! We have to ask: how would you describe your style?
THANK YOU! I think my style is romantic - I love anything feminine and soft. I am a sucker for vintage anything. I sometimes find myself wishing I lived in the 50’s or 60’s. Mad Men style. 

Tell us a fun random fact about yourself.
I love muscle cars and want a ’68 Mustang.

I love Ruche!
--Stephanie Nielson of Nie Nie Dialogues

To find more of Stephanie's stories, thoughts and inspirations, visit her blog, Nie Nie Dialogues.


  • Love Nie Nie and her family. Though I don't know her personally I feel like I do by reading her blog every morning! It's one of the highlights of my day.

    Posted on September 9, 2013

  • Great interview! A friend (who was a long time follower before) told me about Nie Nie Dialogues right after the crash, and I've been enjoying it ever since. Her perseverance is inspiring. I figure if she can do it, then we all should be able to.


    Posted on September 9, 2013

  • So inspiring ... as was Stephanie's book (which I've read twice). She is a great inspiration to me daily as I follow her blog. Thanks for sharing her interview. She's a remarkable woman.

    Posted on September 9, 2013

  • I recently received a copy of Nie Nie's book from a good friend. I read it in 2 days. Since then I have devoured her blog and have felt so much inspiration from not just her heroism after the accident, but from her daily life. I am finding more joy in motherhood from her daily inspiration. She sure has a knack for laughing at the hard times and turning bad situations into good. I love her sense of style and love reading her recommendations for clothing. Thanks for taking the time to interview this fantastic woman!

    Ginnie F.

    Posted on September 9, 2013

  • Even though I've never met Stephanie, I consider her a good friend because I know so much about her life! She and her husband are the most inspiring people. She is an amazing example of grit and perseverance. I just love her!

    Posted on September 12, 2013