Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No matter where we are traveling, we do our best to be embrace our inner traveler rather than tourist. In order to adapt to the country we are temporarily inhabiting, we immerse ourselves in the culture and explore sights and shops off the beaten path. While we do our best to live like the locals, we do have one very basic necessity: coffee. A day spent out and about calls for a cafe au lait, while an afternoon spent reading in a Parisian park or on a balcony requires a smooth cafe noisette. We've composed a helpful guide for getting your caffeine fix when visiting beautiful Paris!

French Coffee: The Basics

Café: While this is plain coffee served in a bigger cup when compared to espresso drinks, in France it is brewed quite strongly and is reminiscent of espresso. 

Café Noir: When ordering a café noir, you'll receive a small cup of strong espresso with a few cubes of sugar on the side. 

Café Au Lait: One of the most common ways of ordering coffee in France, this is coffee with steamed milk. Typically, the milk is served on the side in a small pitcher for you to add to your coffee as you please!

Café Creme: This drink is similar to a plain café, but is prepared with cream. 

Café Noisette: Named for it's hazelnut coloring, you'll find a cup filled with espresso with a hint of milk or cream when you order a café noisette. 

Café Filtre: If you're looking for a weaker or brew or something similar to American coffee, this filtered coffee is the drink for you! 

Café Leger: If you love espresso but feel that it is a bit too strong, you can order this drink which comes with a shot of espresso, but with double the water. 

Café  Glace: A summer day essential, a cafe glacé is an iced coffee. 

Cappuccino: For a mid-day treat, try ordering a cappuccino- espresso with steamed foam and sprinkled cinnamon on top. 

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In Addition: 

Déca or Décaféiné: Add this phrase to any coffee order and it will be prepared decaffeinated. 

Sucre: Most cafes serve any coffee-based beverage with a side sugar or sugar cubes, but saying "Plus de sucre s'il vous plait" will get you extra sugar.  

Chocolat Chaud: This drink literally translates to "hot chocolate." Perfect for those who want to satisfy their hot drink craving without a shot of espresso, this decadent drink is melted chocolate served with steaming hot milk. If you're in the mood for an over the top treat, dare to order "un chocolate chaud!" 

Whether you're taking in the view atop the Eiffel Tower or discovering art from days past at the revered Louvre, a visit to a French cafe is a travel necessity. Now that you're an expert when it comes to ordering coffee in France, visit our Meet Me in Paris feature to discover Parisian style inspiration! 


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