Saturday, March 1, 2014

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The Academy Awards are this weekend and we can't wait to see the stunning dresses this year’s Oscar nominees will be wearing! If you plan on watching the Oscars, why not get in the spirit of the event with a cute dress of your own? And if you’re hosting an Oscar party at your place this year, here are our three quick tips for making the evening extra fun!

1. Because everyone will be distracted by the television, serve cute finger food instead of a full-blown meal. We love these inventive popcorn recipes and pie pops!

2. Create a mini champagne bar! Lay out a spread of champagne, a few mixers (we love St. Germain, peach nectar, and this homemade lemon-basil syrup!), and some berries that guests can use to make a personalized fizzy cocktail.

3. Tell your guests to dress up for the evening or to style their outfit in honor of the movie they hope will win Best Picture. Then take lots of pictures to commemorate the night!

Out of all the nominations, we're crossing our fingers to see these three films bring home awards: Her, Gravity, and 12 Years a Slave. Which films will you be rooting for this year?


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