Thursday, February 27, 2014

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If you still associate the term “podcast” with the lifeless news programs and dry radio shows of yesteryear, it may be because you simply haven’t found the right one for you. Once you discover a few podcasts that suit your interests, you’ll never know how you went without them! Podcasts are perfect for long commutes and weekend drives, as entertainment during your morning routine or company as you cook dinner after work. Ready to discover your favorite podcast? Here are some places to start your search!

For the Storyteller: This American Life
Broadcasting from Chicago and hosted by the soothing Ira Glass, This American Life is a world-renown source of radio journalism. Each episode features various stories laced together by a common denominator, and showcases everything from scientific segments to personal essay. Where to begin? Browse through the archive to find a topic that peaks your interest!

For the Curious: Radio Lab
If you love picking up new facts or delving deeper into scientific topics, Radio Lab may be for you! Chock full of informative stories with a quirky, storytelling twist, Radio Lab highlights and elaborates on topics spanning from history and science to personal, everyday experience. No matter which episode you choose, you’re sure to learn something new about the world around you!

For the Humorist: Comedy Bang! Bang!
A weekly offering from Scott Aukerman, Comedy Bang! Bang! is a witty blend of interviews, chit chat and celebrity guests. If you like your pop culture with a dose of humor, flip through the past episodes to find a guest you’d love to hear more from. If you end up liking this podcast, you can always watch the television version or get tickets to the affiliated stand-up show!

For the Film Critic: How Did This Get Made?
Each episode of How Did This Get Made? focuses on a different film. The requirement? It has to be a pretty awful movie! The hosts of How Did This Get Made? watch (or rewatch!) the flick up for discussion and chat about how the terrible movie somehow made it through the production process and, in some cases, gained a cult following. Even if you haven’t seen that week’s film, the way the hosts break down key scenes and characters will entertain you more than the movie ever could!

For the Sci-Fi Aficionado: Welcome to Night Vale
This bi-monthly podcast brings you the latest news of a fictional desert town called Night Vale. The concept may sound odd and that’s because it is (in the best of ways!).  Listening to this podcast requires a good imagination and an interest in uncanny, eerie storylines. If you love the Twilight Zone and can easily immerse yourself in a fictional tale, you’ll love following the story arch of this clever podcast.

For the Music Lover: Radio Three Sixty
The tagline for Radio Three Sixty sums it up simply: Music for Strange Moments. If you have an eclectic taste in music and a penchant for ambient tunes, you’ll certainly embrace the ethereal, indie, and experimental tracks that DJ Darkhorse artfully stitches together on a monthly basis. This podcast is perfect to listen to while you work or commute, and you just might find yourself replaying episodes for favorite tracks.

We hope you’ll fall in love with a podcast on this list! Do you have any podcast recommendations for us? We’d love to discover some new ones!


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