Monday, June 9, 2014

Road trips are a summertime essential. Hopping in your car to journey to a familiar or foreign destination can be a time for grasping new opportunities and making the most of the time you have, whether it's an overnight trip or a cross-country exploration, with the individuals you hold near and dear. For our summer lookbook, Let's Get Lost, we followed photographers Kristin and Brandon Kidd on a road trip to Santa Barbara. We watched them share smiles at a roadside diner and wander through fields and over seaside cliffs. The Kidds exemplify what it means to live beautifully in the appreciation of the beauty found in each day and within each other. 

When asked what it means to live beautifully, Brandon Kidd replied:

"To live beautifully is to be reminded that it's okay to slow down, to treasure the relationships you have and to get out and explore the beauty this world has to offer."

We love this sentiment, and it only reminds us how important it is to stop and appreciate the little moments that make each and every day special. Embarking on a road trip with your loved one is a time to discover new places, share new experiences and enjoy each other's company. We love how Kristin articulates this in her explanation of why she loves road trips with Brandon, "I feel like road trips are a time for us to relax and totally enjoy each other. It always reminds me of when we first started dating." 

Aren't they simply the cutest? For more pictures of the Kidds guaranteed to make your heart melt, be sure to visit Let's Get Lost. 


Photography: Brandon Kidd Photography, Hair & Makeup: Sparkle Tafao, Furniture Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals, Ruche Stylist: Sarah Nuckles

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