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  • Friday, June 6, 2014

    This all-natural inspired tea party featured on Style Me Pretty Living is definitely one we would like to attend! The neutral, knit sweater along with soft forest green hued pants featured in this shoot is the perfect outfit for a relaxed and earthy gathering. The simple yet elegant styling along with the perfect array of tea party essentials like macarons, pastries, and bouquets of flowers have our tea cups ready! 

    Everything about this shoot has us swooning - the delicate and colorful teas, the tasty treats, and the effortless styling have us inspired to craft a tea party of our own! 

    Calligraphy: Fleur De Letters | Clothing: Ruche | Concept, Styling + Floral Design: Mandy Forlenza Sticos | Flowers Provided By: Blooms By The Box | Handmade Sugar Rosettes + Bees: Whispers Of Blue | Honey: Honey Tea Thyme | Loose Teas: Wild Sage Apothecary | Macarons: The Macaron Cafe | Model: Angela Kostaras | Necklace : Confetti By Annette | Vintage Rentals: Little Vintage Rentals


  • Friday, June 6, 2014

    View Keiko Lynn's natural makeup tutorial.

    When it comes to a fresh faced beauty routine, there is no doubt that the hardest part of applying make up is painting it on in such a way that brings out your natural beauty but does not appear overdone. In order to achieve the perfect undone look, we've taken a nod from Parisian style in our Meet Me in Paris feature. There is something undoubtedly romantic about a fresh, effortless face. Here are our favorite ways to attain a flawless face with minimal makeup!   

    Perfect your skin: To ensure you're not over applying any products, start by placing a mirror close to an open window so you're doing your makeup in natural light instead of harsh fluorescent lighting. The most challenging part of fresh faced makeup is that your skin becomes a focal point! Spend some time experimenting with makeup, everything from foundation to powder, and find an exact match to your skin tone. When you begin applying your makeup, start with a moisturizing foundation to smooth out any imperfections. If you have any stubborn spots or under-eye circles, you can use a concealer for added coverage and finish your face with a light powder so your skin avoids looking weighed down. We recommend always using either a foundation or powder containing SPF to protect your skin against the summer sun! 

    Get Emma's everyday look on A Beautiful Mess.

    Add a natural flush: Find a blush in a warm peach or pink hue to bring a natural flush to your face. We love cream-based blushes, but lightly dusting a powder blush on the apples of your cheeks will also give you a warm, healthy glow.

    View this everyday makeup tutorial on Offbeat and Inspired.

    Embrace subtle definition: When it comes to defining your eyes without looking overdone, choose an eyeshadow in a soft hue that is only a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone with a hint of shimmer. Carefully brush it into the creases and across the lid. With an eyeshadow a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone, highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes. To complete your eyes, brush on a couple coats of mascara to add definition without appearing too heavy.

    See 7 Tips for Going Natural on Miss Maven.

    Finishing touches: To complete your all-natural look, choose a lip hue that is close to your natural lip color. We love moisturizing lip stains and tinted balms (especially when they contain SPF!) to add pop to our pout without weight of lipstick. Instead of applying directly from the container, rub the color on your fingertip for a more natural looking application.

    We love a bold lip or smoky eye, but the heat of the summer sun is perfect for embracing fresh faced makeup. Highlighting your favorite features with a subtle shadow upon the eye or lip hue is an easy way to stay true to your natural beauty while maintaining a perfectly undone and effortless look! 


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  • Thursday, June 5, 2014

    Rebecca of The Clothes Horse always shines in her retro inspired ensembles, so we were incredibly excited to team up with her for our latest feature! While showcasing her versatile style by creating 7 outfits with just 6 items, Rebecca looks sophisticated with the perfect dose of vintage inspiration. She shows that with a little creativity, you can make even the smallest wardrobe go miles with just a few key pieces! 

    1. Rebecca started by layering this pretty striped dress under a chambray skirt. We love how the navy and light denim hue look paired together!

    2. We're lifelong fans of mixing prints - especially stripes and florals! Rebecca effortlessly pairs this fit and flare striped dress with a colorful floral cardigan, curating an ensemble worthy of a summertime adventure.

    3. Rebecca shows us that an A-line skirt paired with a polka dot top is an essential for a whimsical summer adventure.

    4. Demonstrating ways to get more mileage out of your wardrobe, Rebecca layers this adorable polka dot cropped top over a delicate and feminine white dress. We love how this ensemble has the perfect amount of polish!

    5. A classic outfit, Rebecca layers a floral cardigan tucked into a chambray skirt for a look that is both romantic and feminine. This look would be a necessity for an evening dinner!

    6. An intricate bolero over this white frock creates an neutral outfit with a hint of romance. Even her retro cat eye sunglasses compliment the color palette! The way her hair and bold lips pop against the white and cream is simply delightful!

    7. The bodice of the white dress transforms when layered under this light-hued denim skirt and is perfect for a summer day wandering a flea market. 

    We are so delighted to have Rebecca show us how to mix and match these pieces to create an array of outfits! Instead of sticking to boring basics, Rebecca wasn't afraid to mix patterns and textures in order to curate a plethora of ensembles from just a few pieces. For more from this vintage lover and active traveler, visit Rebecca on her blog and don't forget to take a peek at her retro style feature


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  • Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    Flowers are one of the most personal aspects of a wedding. The blossoms you choose are the common thread for the day of your wedding. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle, bouquet in hand during the ceremony to grand floral centerpieces or hints of blossoming decor at the reception. Whether your day takes place in a formal dining hall or a rustic outdoor garden, choosing the right flowers help set the tone and theme of your nuptials. Our Marketing Coordinator Sam and Stylist Sarah are here with some helpful advice when it comes to wedding flowers!    

    1. Will you have flowers for decoration?

    Sam: Yes, I most definitely will! My location is outdoors and up against the LA mountains, which means lots of green and neutral tones. I want lots of flowers to complement the venue and to add pops of color to the scenery. Since my wedding is in the fall, the florals will have lots of berries, burgundy, reds and lots of lush green.

    Sarah: Yes, we will have flowers as decoration throughout the venue. I am still figuring out whether I want to do flowers on all of the tables, or mix it up with half of the tables with candles possibly in vintage vases.

    2. Describe your bridesmaids bouquets.

    Sam: My bridesmaids bouquets will be a similar version to mine, but smaller and they will also have a bit more color added to them.

    Sarah:  My bridesmaid bouquets will have a mix of peach, white, and burgundy flowers. I am still deciding on exactly what flowers will be used, but I love the idea of burgundy dahlias, white roses, and peach peonies.

    3. Describe your bouquet.

    Sam: This is how I described my bouquet vision to my florist. "Loose, lush, organic, messy – the farm to table look. I hate when there is glitter, diamonds, rhinestones …. I like natural! Maybe a pomegranate thrown around here or there!" Here's what she has dreamt up for me: "Bouquet to be lush, loose, organic.... Full of both florals and greenery with some texture. Colors: softer palette of creams, ivories, whites, with accents of gold and burgundy along with greenery and vines. Flowers to include Garden Roses, Roses, Dahlias, Lisianthus, Spray Roses, Ranunculus (white should be available) with soft green colored foliage and vines. Wrap: TBD Romantic Velvet and Silks."

    Sarah: My bouquet will be similar to my bridesmaids bouquets, most likely with the dahlias and peonies, but I envision mine to have less color and more white flowers.

    4. Do you have a florist picked out? If so, who and how did you decide?

    Sam: Yes, I found my florist, Kim of Art With Nature Floral Design, very early on because she was highly recommended to me. I fell in love with her work because her specialty is the loose and lush look -- as opposed to the tight and perfect glitzy florals that I am not quite a fan of.

    Sarah: I do not have a florist yet, but it is one of the next things on my list. I have several appointments set up over the next month with various florists.

    Images via Snippet and Ink & Style Me Pretty

    5. How far in advance should someone choose their flowers/book a florist?

    Sam: I booked my florist about 2 months after we were engaged (so about 7 months before the date) but I think you should have that vendor nailed down around the 6 month mark. I think it also depends on how important a vendor/aspect is to you. If the florals are very important to you or if you have a particular florist in mind, I'd say that should be your first call before he or she books up!

    Sarah: According to my timeline a florist should be chosen within 6-9 months of your wedding. I was told that once I have finalized my color scheme, it is advised that you meet with florists to get an idea of how what you envision will fit within your budget

    We love how Sam and Sarah's choice of flowers reflect their personal style and overall aesthetic of their wedding. For more helpful advice, follow Sam and Sarah on their journey to wedded bliss!


  • Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    Image Source: Style Me Pretty

    We've been dreaming of travel lately, and our next wanderlust-filled stop is found in the heart of France. Paris offers many delightful sounds: the rhythm of feet on the pavement, the clinks of coffee cups and glasses on sidewalk cafes, and the colliding songs of street performers, and many more. The romantic city is a place we often draw inspiration from, but until we can embark on a vacation to the City of Light, we will have to settle for listening to some of our favorite Parisian songs. 

    For more collections of our favorite songs, visit our other playlists. And don't forget to find Parisian style inspiration with out latest feature!


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  • Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    No matter where we are traveling, we do our best to be embrace our inner traveler rather than tourist. In order to adapt to the country we are temporarily inhabiting, we immerse ourselves in the culture and explore sights and shops off the beaten path. While we do our best to live like the locals, we do have one very basic necessity: coffee. A day spent out and about calls for a cafe au lait, while an afternoon spent reading in a Parisian park or on a balcony requires a smooth cafe noisette. We've composed a helpful guide for getting your caffeine fix when visiting beautiful Paris!

    French Coffee: The Basics

    Café: While this is plain coffee served in a bigger cup when compared to espresso drinks, in France it is brewed quite strongly and is reminiscent of espresso. 

    Café Noir: When ordering a café noir, you'll receive a small cup of strong espresso with a few cubes of sugar on the side. 

    Café Au Lait: One of the most common ways of ordering coffee in France, this is coffee with steamed milk. Typically, the milk is served on the side in a small pitcher for you to add to your coffee as you please!

    Café Creme: This drink is similar to a plain café, but is prepared with cream. 

    Café Noisette: Named for it's hazelnut coloring, you'll find a cup filled with espresso with a hint of milk or cream when you order a café noisette. 

    Café Filtre: If you're looking for a weaker or brew or something similar to American coffee, this filtered coffee is the drink for you! 

    Café Leger: If you love espresso but feel that it is a bit too strong, you can order this drink which comes with a shot of espresso, but with double the water. 

    Café  Glace: A summer day essential, a cafe glacé is an iced coffee. 

    Cappuccino: For a mid-day treat, try ordering a cappuccino- espresso with steamed foam and sprinkled cinnamon on top. 

    Image Sources: 1, 2

    In Addition: 

    Déca or Décaféiné: Add this phrase to any coffee order and it will be prepared decaffeinated. 

    Sucre: Most cafes serve any coffee-based beverage with a side sugar or sugar cubes, but saying "Plus de sucre s'il vous plait" will get you extra sugar.  

    Chocolat Chaud: This drink literally translates to "hot chocolate." Perfect for those who want to satisfy their hot drink craving without a shot of espresso, this decadent drink is melted chocolate served with steaming hot milk. If you're in the mood for an over the top treat, dare to order "un chocolate chaud!" 

    Whether you're taking in the view atop the Eiffel Tower or discovering art from days past at the revered Louvre, a visit to a French cafe is a travel necessity. Now that you're an expert when it comes to ordering coffee in France, visit our Meet Me in Paris feature to discover Parisian style inspiration! 


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  • Monday, June 2, 2014

    Bonjour, Ruchettes! The summer season has us dreaming of adventure and travel, and our wanderlust-filled minds have been daydreaming of macarons paired with cafe au lait, beautiful antique architecture, and hours spent wandering the streets of Paris. We are embracing all things Parisian with our latest feature, Meet Me In Paris! Our collection features effortless styles, flattering silhouettes, and pieces with pretty details perfect for exploring the City of Light.    

    What we love most about Parisian style is the simple yet detailed styles that are both versatile, but are eye-catching pieces perfect for any wardrobe. When traveling in Paris, you could pair a light blouse and lace shorts for a sunny bike ride around to a flea market; or spend your evenings on the town in a fit and flare frock and bold lip!  

    Discover helpful hints for adding a touch of Parisian style to your everyday ensembles and styles worthy of wandering the Champs-Élysées with Meet Me In Paris


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  • Monday, June 2, 2014

    Image Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

    ... we would hope to look as très belle as this! View our Meet Me in Paris feature for even more Parisian inspiration! 


  • Sunday, June 1, 2014

    We love starting each month with a delightful new desktop calendar, and we've made this one especially for you! Download our free June desktop wallpaper and many more here


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  • Sunday, June 1, 2014

    A well-known Ruchette, Lacy Rose continues to amaze us with her unique personal style and everything from her adorable cats to her cooking adventures. Lacy's blog provides readers with a genuine look into her day to day life, love, and musings through her authentic voice. Lacy's love of travel is a staple on her blog where she often channels places she has visited or inspiration from places she longs to visit. Often found in a feminine skirt and pretty accessories, we love seeing this gal cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook and embark on many adventures!   

    Describe your style in 5 words!
    Parisian, bohemian, feminine, romantic, and globetrotter.

    You have a beautiful collection of vintage clothing. What styles usually catch your eye when vintage shopping?
    Thank you! When I shop for vintage clothing I am constantly searching for unique and beautifully crafted pieces. I love finding clothing with embroidery, tapestry, lace, or floral prints. I always like to think what the person may have been like that had the article of clothing originally. Buying vintage is a lot of fun and a great way to keep that item alive.

    You often use Julia Child's cookbook in your kitchen. How has Julia Child influenced you and your cooking?
    I absolutely love Julia Child! The funny thing is I never knew I was a good cook or baker until I baked cupcakes for a friend's birthday 5 years ago or so. Shortly after that I really started to gain a huge interest in french baking. I am so in love with the art and beauty behind french baking and cooking. My mom is the one who actually introduced me to Julia Child and bought me her cookbook. Julia has influenced my cooking and myself because she does everything out of love. She loved food and really took her passion and ran with it. With everything I do in life and with my blog, I try to do only what I love. You should truly enjoy what you do!

    In what ways does your style reflect your personality?
    I love beautiful pieces, this relates to my personality because I always try to see the beauty in everything and really take in every moment I can. I try to capture beauty through the way I dress, bake, conduct my blog, treat others, and how I go through life. I have my mom to thank for teaching me this way of life, without her even knowing she was giving a lesson. She is a huge inspiration in my life.

    What is your go-to outfit for a casual day?
    Since it is warm, my go-to outfit for a casual day would consist of cuffed denim shorts, a short sleeved peasant top, my favorite leather sandals, my hair back in a braid, and oversized sunnies. Of course I would accessorize with my favorite animal bauble necklace and bracelet.

    Are there any trends that you're really loving right now?
    Right now I am obsessing over embroidery and lovely global prints. These are literally my ideal details and prints for summer! It just makes me want to pack my bags and travel somewhere far away and exotic.

    Now that the days are getting warmer, what are you looking forward to wearing this summer?
    Oh, it was such a long winter, wasn't it? I try to soak up every season, but I have to admit that I am so glad that the days are finally warm and getting even warmer. This summer I look forward to wearing maxi dresses, strappy leather sandals, floppy hats, and oversized statement necklaces and bracelets.

    Rapid Fire Questions:
    Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!
    Cats or Dogs? I love all animals, but since I have two kitties, Squirrel & Wally, I will go with cats.
    Heels or Flats?  This is a hard one.  I really love both, but right now for summer I am channeling flats! I can't get enough of leather sandals, espadrilles, huaraches, and d'orsays.
    Comedy or Horror? Horror
    Maxi Dresses or Midi Skirts? Maxi dresses
    Keys, phone, wallet and.... Lipstick!

    Last, but not least, what do you love most about being a Ruchette?
    Everything! I love that Ruche caters to many different styles but done so through pretty clothing. I love browsing the gorgeous lookbooks, new arrivals, and inspiration worn by other Ruchettes. Ruche is such an inspiring and positive brand, which I am so happy to be a part of. Thanks for choosing me as your June Ruchette of the month!

     -- Lacy, Lacy Rose

    Lacy Rose's blog is always inspiring us to try something new! We love her thirst for adventure and love for travel. Lacy is truly a most delightful Ruchette! 


    Are you a fashionable blogger too? Join our Blogger Family! Send your Ruche outfits to for a chance to become featured. *Please note that all outfits must include at least one Ruche item.

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