• Tuesday, August 5, 2014

    We can't get enough of the gourmet flavors of Bon Puf, our favorite cotton candy cart. If you attended our birthday party a few weeks back, you may have spotted Cloe, standing at her adorable cart, swirling away and crafting clouds of tasty cotton candy for a long line of attendees. With flavors like salted caramel, pear, lemonade, and coconut topped with a sprinkle of Pop Rocks (yes, it was delicious!), it's needless to say that we have fallen for all things Bon Puf. Cloe was sweet enough to sit down with us and talk about her delightful cotton candy business!  

    What inspired you start your own business?
    To be honest I never really had the intention of starting a business before the idea for a cotton candy catering company popped into my mind!

    I had always loved cotton candy, ever since I was little it had been my favorite treat whether at the Santa Monica Pier or at a Dodger Game. When I graduated high school I took a year off to travel and work, it was during this time that I had the lightbulb moment where I realized cotton candy needed to be reinvented with all natural and relevant flavors. I really dove head first into researching natural ingredients  and what it would take to start my own cotton candy business after that moment. A year later I debuted Bon Puf at The Unique LA Summer Show. I think because I gave my self time to think about what I wanted to do instead of rushing into college I was able to take this idea and develop it into what Bon Puf is today. 

    How did you come up with the name Bon Puf? It's absolutely adorable!
    During my year off after high school I went to the South of France to work. I picked up a bit of french and so when I returned and started putting my focus into my cotton candy ideas I knew I wanted to incorporate the French word for "good" into my business name. One day while experimenting with organic sugars my mom used the word "puf" to describe my cotton candy creations. We put the two words together and voila, Bon Puf! 

    What makes your cotton candy stand out among the standard county fair selection?
    My cotton candy is all organic and all natural sans any artificial coloring or flavors. Second I am known for adorning my sweet pufs with fun and unexpected toppings such as chili, chai spices, pop rocks, sprinkles and more!

    When you're not spinning amazingly delicious cotton candy, what can we find you doing?
    When I am not spinning cotton candy I am plugging away at credits at my community college, going to the beach any chance I get, spending way to much money at thrift stores,  going on adventures with my boyfriend and spending time with my supportive family. I am very blessed to live in such a fun city where there is always a farmer's market, concert or flea market to go to so when I am not busy working it is hard to feel bored.

    Which flavor is your personal favorite, and which seems to be the favorite among your fans?
    I am a huge fan of anything having to do with coconuts so naturally I am very fond of my coconut pufs. That being said the Mango Chili puf is my most popular flavor, especially among Los Angeles locals.

    What does a workweek look like for you? We're pretty sure it's not the typical 9 to 5 schedule!
    Oh man, it's different all the time. Since most of my jobs are on the weekend I spend my work weeks catching up on emails, coming up with new flavor creations, and updating my Pinterest and Instagram accounts. I also try to make time to get out of my little office space and get inspired by fellow business owners. 

    Do you have any new toppings, flavors or ideas in the works?
    I just introdced my Horchata flavor on Instagram! I am also really excited about introducing Lavender to my flavor line up soon! So stay tuned!!! Also Lychee dusted with matcha green tea is in the works.

    What are your dreams for your company? Where do you see Bon Puf in 5 years?
    That's a great question! I see Bon Puf branded gold Westfalias traveling all over the world bringing sweet treats to celebrations in every country. If you haven't noticed I am not afraid to dream big!

    Quick Fire:
    Heels or flats? Swedish Hasbeens! Haha was that an option!?
    Chick flicks or documentaries? Documentaries, Netflix has so many good ones. Maiden Trip, Muscle Shoals, Eames are some of my favorites.
    Jeans or dresses? Jeans! I am a big fan of Madewell jeans!
    Flowers or a box of chocolates? Flowers, especially wild flowers!
    Your #1 beauty must have... Gnarly Whale's Beach Waves Spray. The cotton candy fragrance is to die for!

    -- Cloe, Bon Puf

    Thanks again to Cloe for providing the the sweetest treat for our birthday event. Head over to her site to see all her amazing flavors. And see her fashion shoot with Glitter Guide when she wore all Ruche!


    Here's a little roundup of our birthday party attendees and their Bon Puf creations:

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  • Monday, August 4, 2014

    Heading back to classes is always such an exciting time! The thrill of a new year filled with new opportunities, friendships, and professors is something to cherish whether you're entering your final year of high school, beginning a new college semester, or working on your graduate or doctorate degree! While we love shopping for new books, school supplies and other scholarly necessities, perfecting back-to-school style will always be a favorite. Our back-to-school lookbook, Making the Grade, is brimming with stylish outfits perfect for studying in the campus library, grabbing a latte after class, or an afternoon study session with an academic club or classmates! 

    Whether it's a new backpack to fill with a plethora of notebooks, pens, pencils, and other classroom essentials or a new pair of chic boots comfortable enough to walk across campus and back, we have everything you need for a successful (and stylish!) semester. 

    Brighten up those early classes and late night study marathons with cozy sweaters, sophisticated silhouettes, and touches of vintage-inspired jewelry. Versatile and understated styles are perfect for complementing your favorite prints and patterns, and make getting to that 7:00 am class a little bit easier! 

    Stop by Making the Grade for endless back-to-school style inspiration and we wish all of our Ruchettes returning to classes this fall the best of luck! 


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  • Sunday, August 3, 2014

    When we first saw artist Alice Mourou's project, Blossom Type, we were enthralled! Not only is the detail and dexterity that went into crafting gorgeous calligraphy lettering out of foliage is beyond extraordinary, but the finished product is a sight to see! We love the letters fashioned from green stems and vines and the hints of color that come from pink and yellow buds. This floral alphabet (and collection of numbers!) is simply stunning. We would love to create a Blossom Type of our own one day! 


    What do you think of Alice Mourou's project? Creating a word or phrase out of flowers is something that is definitely on our wishlist. Creating art from flowers is something we have loved for quite awhile. We artistically arranged faces out of delicate flowers while participating in Justina Blakeney's #FacetheFoliage challenge, and have written about cooking with flowers and even the language of flowers


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  • Saturday, August 2, 2014

    Psst - Ruchettes! We're going to let you in on a little secret! If you're looking for cute and affordable summery styles, all you have to do is take a peek at our Summer Clearance Sale! We just added a plethora of new markdowns that are perfect for the remaining sunny days, but can be easily incorporated into your year-long wardrobe. From breezy cotton dresses to darling statement necklaces, there are quite a few treasures to be discovered! Naturally, we found ourselves swooning over our summer clearance styles, so here are a few of our must-haves. 

    Kayla, Customer Service Representative: The St. Claire Embroidered Floral Dress is my favorite because of the bright color and oversized floral pattern. i would pair it with minimal accessories for a wedding, or pair it with cute aqua accents for a dinner date with my hubby! 

     Leeda, Customer Service Representative: The Marlene High Low Dress has been on my wishlist since I first saw it! I love the bohemian feel it has and it has great potential to cross seasons with a simple switch of shoes. The silhouette is so pretty, and I would wear it digging for records at my local flea market! 

    Kristina, Products Assistant: I never tire of a good sweater, and I love how our Back Together Open Knit Sweater is a bit oversized and has such a pretty design. Where would I wear it? A cool summer night out or toss it over a tank dress to transition into fall.

    Samantha, Marketing Coordinator: The Tropical Getaway Dress is my new favorite maxi to wear for all my weekend adventures. The colors and print are perfectly vintage-inspired. I can't wait to wear this dress while wine tasting with my fiance! Which employee pick is your favorite? Let us know, and don't forget to find a must-have in our Summer Clearance Sale!


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  • Friday, August 1, 2014

    With the beginning of August comes the close of summer. Moving towards autumn, we are looking forward to the unmistakable crisp in the air that is perfect for wearing scarves, cozy socks and boots, and sweaters. While it might be a little too warm for a cup of cocoa or hot apple cider now, that doesn't mean we're not dreaming of the fall days ahead! Download our latest desktop calendar here and keep track of all your August days!


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  • Friday, August 1, 2014

    Many people doubt the existence of love at first sight, but that was certainly the case when first laid our eyes upon Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky several years ago! We watched her travel across the U.S.A in her trusty Winnebago, saw her get married, move into a new home, and adopt probably the most adorable (and fluffy!) corgi we've ever seen! All along the way, she has never stopped encouraging her readers to embrace the beauty found in each and everyday and sharing the discoveries she finds within herself. We are so happy that Elizabeth is August's Ruchette of the Month, and she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions! 

    You have had your blog for six years now! In addition to a hearty congratulations, how has your style evolved and changed during the course of the past six years?
    I've gone through quite a few phases. I dressed super girly for about 2-3 years, probably as a way to get out of the tomboy rut I was in for pretty much all of my youth and teen years, but not I feel like I've found a balance in my style that encompasses all the different types of styles that I enjoy- from rock & roll, to bohemian, to pin up. I've also found an appreciation of casual style, and not feeling like I need to be constantly dressed up. 

    What is your favorite DIY or recipe that you've made lately?
    I think my favorite DIY is my globe light, and it was such an easy one. My favorite recipe in the past couple months was my Peach Salsa Salmon recipe. Any excuse to eat salmon! You can take the girl out of Alaska but you can't take the Alaska out of the girl.

    Our motto is to #LiveBeautifully. What does living beautifully mean to you?
    Living beautifully to me means loving others. You can have the prettiest looking life but if you're rude and unkind to other people, what's the point? Living beautifully means giving back to others and standing up for those who don't have a voice.

    You've lived in Alaska, Washington, and traveled all over in your trusty Winnie. Can you tell us about a few of your very favorite places you've been?
    I think one of my current favorite places is Sitka, Alaska. I grew up in Alaska and my grandparents lived in southeast Alaska, but they lived in Juneau, so I only visited Sitka once or twice to see my Aunt and Uncle. I've always loved the southeast, but Sitka just has such an artsy small town feel that I love. Plus, It's breathtakingly stunning. I secretly want to move there one day.  I'd love to travel outside of the US more, though. I've seen quite a bit of the US on various trips and road trips, but I'd like to see more of the world.

    What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to find their own personal style?
    Experiment! Play! Don't take it too seriously. Get out of your comfort zone. It's a process and you won't get it right all the time, it takes time to find your own personal style. If you don't have a lot of money to experiment with different styles, shop at thrift stores to test out styles you're not sure will work.

    We can't get enough of your ever-changing hair! What has been your favorite style or color that you've had?
    I really like being a redhead, but I like fun colored hair too, though the upkeep is hard and it's a bit rough on my very dark hair. I'd love to have pastel hair, but I just don't want to damage it with the lightening process in order to achieve that color. Luckily there are wigs, though! I have a couple, but I want some more that have super fun colors.

    Quick Fire:
    Spring or fall? Fall
    Sangria or old fashioned? Old Fashioned
    Horses or Corgis? Pfff Both.  But Corgis are more affordable so for now, Corgis.
    Salty or sweet? Salty
    You can’t leave the house without your … keysphonewallet

    Last but not least, what is your favorite thing about being a Ruchette?
    The Ruche lookbooks are always such an inspiration. As someone who takes outfit photos on a regular basis, it can be hard to stay inspired and keep it fresh without getting repetitive, so having somewhere to find inspiration for my own photography and styling is great!

    -- Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky

    To see past features of Elizabeth on our blog, visit here! And don't forget to stop by her blog for endless amounts of inspiration. 


  • Wednesday, July 30, 2014

    You may remember our friend Hayley Solano as a past Ruchette of the Month or from her beautiful singing voice that's been featured on our blog in the past! Well, this songbird sent us her no-fail recipe for the perfect summer lemonade. We all know that preparing a fresh batch of this refreshing drink is at the top of our summer bucket list, so we couldn't resist posting her recipe. See below for directions and a little message from Hayley herself! 

    As a vintage-lover, creative soul, and a former Ruchette of the Month, I am absolutely in love with Ruche's brand! I always browse their blog for daily inspiration and was excited to come across their summer bucket list. I usually keep quite busy with songwriting and playing shows and have been looking for some fun seasonal activities to do. Thank you Ruche for the wonderful ideas - I already checked a few items off the list! I spent a gorgeous summer afternoon making fresh-squeezed lemonade and thought I would share my recipe!

    3/4 cup of white sugar
    1 1/2 cups of lemon juice
    8 cups of water

    1. In a small saucepan, combine sugar and 1 cup of water. Bring to a boil and stir to dissolve sugar, making a simple syrup.
    2. Juice 6 lemons.
    3. In a large pitcher, stir together syrup, lemon juice, and remaining water.
    4. Enjoy!
    I hope you are having a magical summer filled with beautiful days like these!

    Hayley, from Diary of a Singer-Songwriter

    We can't wait to prepare a pitcher as darling as Hayley's for our next outdoor gathering! We're so happy that Hayley stopped by to share her simple and sweet recipe with us. Don't forget to stop by this stunning songbird's blog for more fun! 
    Have a recipe that you are interested in sharing? We'd love to see it! Send your instructions and unedited photos to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to join our Ruche Blogger Family and become published.

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  • Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    The sun hasn't set on summer quite yet, so there is still plenty of time to assemble the perfect picnic. Nothing says summer romance like preparing a bundle of snacks and heading to a quiet and secluded outdoor corner to dine with a loved one. While the light dances through the leaves high above you, you'll be laying back and listening to the sounds of the breeze making its way through the branches and feasting on tasty snacks with your nearest and dearest. Here is everything you need for a darling picnic!  

    Food: When it comes to your culinary choices, your best bet is to keep it simple. Find quick and easy recipes that are meant to be served chilled or at room temperature. This way you don't have to worry about keeping a dish hot while finding the perfect picnic spot! We love finger foods for low maintenance dining, but a fresh summer salad is hard to beat. Make sure you pack lots of seasonal fruits, cheese, and crackers for optimal snacking! For more ideas for creative picnic options, try this fruit dish or this salad

    Drink: To accompany your delightful snacks, try bringing bottle of red or white wine; whichever best compliments your tasty treats. If you're looking for a alcohol-free option, try sparkling lemonade, or a lavender-infused lemonade. Don't forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water! 

    Blanket: A large, comfy blanket is always a picnic essential. A thick, knit blanket is ideal for laying on grassy terrain. Woven styles in heavy cotton are always a go-to! While there are specialty blankets for outdoor adventures, we always love a classic and cozy blanket while enjoying a picnic! 

    Music: Nothing sets the relaxed mood like a playlist of soothing sounds. While you're enjoying a a glass of wine or Try downloading an app like Pandora or Spotify to your phone and bringing a portable speaker or player to your picnic spot. We even have a collection of playlists perfect for dining alfresco.

    Images via Style Me Pretty

    Now that you're equipped for the perfect summer picnic, complete with a complete menu of appetizers and dishes and essentials like a cozy blanket and laid-back music, all you need is the perfect picnic location! Spend your weekend under tall trees in your new favorite spot with a loved one - you can't get much more perfect than that! 


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  • Monday, July 28, 2014

    Bridging the seasons can be a difficult task, especially when the hot days of summer meet the cooling days of autumn. For these fluctuating days, discovering easy, transitional style is a seasonal essential! Falling Into Place, our transitional style guide, is the perfect source for inspiration and easy tips during the hot and cold temperatures of those pesky, in-between days. 

    The key for any transitioning season is layering. We love this look because it avoids bulky by keeping the layers light. We love a sheer blouse over a printed top for a little extra coverage without overheating under the sun! 

    Just because the days are growing more cool doesn't mean your summer dresses have to retire to the back of your closet! Try pairing your favorite summer sundress with an open knit cardigan when the temperatures drop. 

    A cropped sweater is an essential for layering. This must-have is perfect when paired with a high-waisted skirt or pants, but we also love it for updating summer dresses. A flattering silhouette in a neutral hue is perfect all year round!We are looking forward to waking up to grey skies and embracing light layers! Don't get us wrong - we love summer, but there is something about sweater weather that can't be beat! Don't forget to view our collection of transitional styles with Falling Into Place!


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  • Monday, July 28, 2014

    Flowers are usually associated with the warming temperatures of spring, but there are a few blossoms that only pop up come summertime that send our hearts aflutter! Whether it's in a bouquet or planted in a garden, flowers are a great way to add a pop of color to your space or put a smile on a loved one's face. We dream of spending summer days tending to a flourishing garden filled with pretty blossoms, and here are just a few of our favorite summer flowers! 

    Dahila: Dahilas are known for their bold shape and vibrant hues. Gorgeous in a mixed bouquet or on their own, Dahilas require light shade and thrive in slightly cooler and moist temperatures.  

    Calla: These elegant blossoms come in a variety of shades, but it's their romantic shape that makes them one of our favorite summer flowers! These blossoms love sunlight, making them the perfect addition to your summer garden! 

    Sunflower: These grand, tall-standing flowers are an essential for summertime. Their bright faces shine in any garden, and their drought an heat resistant nature makes them one of the easiest flowers to grow. Even bees and birds love them! 

    Hydrangea: Growing in a variety of shades, hydrangeas are a flower that are as versatile as they are lovely. This beautiful flower adores morning sun and afternoon shade.

    Marigold: If your garden is in need of some cheering up, look no further than the pretty marigold! This bright and sunny flower thrives in the sunshine, making it a perfect summer flower. Do you have any favorite flowers that tend to blossom during the summer months? Let us know! For the perfect summer DIY, try planting your summer flowers in a pretty painted terracotta planter or experimenting with edible flowers in your kitchen creations. 


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