• Monday, July 15, 2013

    With summer in full swing, we keep daydreaming about fun weekend getaways! There are endless amazing destinations within our beautiful country, so we asked employees in our office and our wonderful customers for their travel recommendations. When you’re trying to make summer plans it is so helpful to have great suggestions from friends, which is why we wanted to gather some vacation ideas for you.

    Our Travel Guide is focused on four different regions that we think of whenever we start brainstorming vacation ideas: mountains, beaches, wine regions and cities. For each of these regions we have also created packing lists to help stylish vacation dressing a cinch! Once you’ve looked through the feature, the only thing left to do is start planning and set off on a summer adventure!

    If you have travel recommendations or ideas too, we would love it if you left your suggestions in the comment section on our guide!


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  • Monday, July 15, 2013

    This new take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, one of the most celebrated children’s books of all time written by Lewis Carroll, will surely delight and captivate as it breathes new life into a beloved classic.

    The unique aspect of this book, which has the entire original text, is that the illustrations are not just from one artist as would typically be the case. Instead they are gathered from many 19th and 20th century illustrators, which adds a lovely element of seeing varied interpretations. The work of the original illustrator, John Tenniel, will perhaps seem most familiar, but it also includes the celebrated work of over 30 other artists.

    Every illustrator envisions Alice differently and creates a unique version of the wondrous world she discovers after tumbling down the rabbit hole. This imaginative, interwoven tapestry of vintage illustrations will be greatly enjoyed by children, because each page has something new, while adults will be able to compare and consider the pictures in terms of art history and visual representation. It is also a beautiful comment on the way that every reader imagines a character differently. For example, the Chesire cat illustration by Maria Kirk looks like an innocent and sweet 1950’s era children’s book while the intriguing black and white etching by Harry Furniss feels more mysterious and modern, capturing a very different feeling about one of the most memorable encounters in the book.

    As Alice thinks to herself in the beginning, “what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?” This, then, seems a fitting tribute to Alice’s thought, in which the pictures from different illustrators are themselves a conversation and constant re-imagining of this beloved classic.

    Be sure to make this wonderful edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a part of your book collection and check out the rest of our of wonderful books too!



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  • Sunday, July 14, 2013

    Even the smallest, simplest things that we do every day can be done with love and care! We hope you are taking this weekend to breathe deeply, count your blessings, practice kindness at every opportunity, and feel present in even the little moments. Happy Sunday Ruchettes!


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  • Saturday, July 13, 2013

    Bring out the balloons and confetti, we have five birthday candles to blow out! We are so excited to be celebrating our fifth birthday and we have all of our loyal customers to thank for our success. And as we’ve grown up, our blog has too! We love having a blog where all our Ruchettes and loyal customers can find style and wedding inspiration, DIY project ideas, delicious recipes, fun interviews, interior design tips and family inspired posts, and it’s just one more way that we get to connect with you!

    We have come such a long way in just five years, from Mai and Josh starting Ruche out of their garage to our wonderful warehouse and office space, and we can’t wait to see what the next five years bring. But we're more than an online boutique; Ruche is an extremely fun place to work! Keep reading to learn five fun facts about our company!

    1. Let’s do lunch: There’s a buzz in the office, an air of excitement, and all the girls are whispering about…what’s on the menu for free lunch Friday! Every week our office looks forward to Friday when we have a catered lunch together (according to our Marketing Coordinator Sam, the best days are when the taco truck comes…but her well-known love of Mexican food makes her a little biased!) We also like to start the week out right with free breakfast Mondays by grabbing donuts, bagels and cereal on our way to our desks.

    2. Puppy love: If you follow us on Instagram, you already know how much we love our pups! (A few of our regulars include Maizy, Ziggy, Olive, Dexter, Jonsie, Ginger, Momo, Pebbles & Cooper). All our employees are animal lovers; it’s kind of an unofficial requirement for working here! On any given day, we have 5 to 10 dogs on site who greet our customers, keep our seats warm, and always charm us.

    3. Friendly founders: Our co-founders Josh and Mai are the best bosses to work for! Even as Ruche has grown from just the two of them, they have stayed engaged with every aspect of the company. Josh still personally hands out our paystubs and he likes to make sure that he knows every employee by name, while Mai is still present at and involved with every one of our lookbook photo shoots!

    4. Icing on the cake: We think birthdays are special, so we make sure to celebrate every employee birthday! Once a month, we round up the birthday folks and celebrate with a game of chubby bunny marshmallows and cake. We also celebrate every "Ruchiversary" to mark the month when an employee joined our Ruche family!

    5. Sense of community: We take pride in our sense of community! All of our employees are our family, and our office is like a home away from home. And we feel like so many of our customers are our friends! We love when you take the time to connect with us through our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest because then the Ruche family will just keep growing!

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all our Ruchettes who have been with us from the very beginning. Our success is like a birthday cake, and our loyal customers are the most important ingredient! As a gift from us to you, use coupon code 5THBDAY20 for 20% off everything on the site. ♥


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  • Friday, July 12, 2013

    In the full swing of the heat, our warm solstice allows for bright colors and fun prints anywhere the summer sun takes us.  Soft and beautiful materials with complimentary colors are never a bad idea and some of our prettiest Ruchettes show how easy this can be! Check out some of our lovely customers as they effortlessly accessorize and dress in their favorite sunny afternoon outfits.

    Elizabeth of Ellie Joy looks so happy and ready to take on the day in our Tulle dress. Adding just a pop of color with her coral necklace to compliment the overall look. Perfect look Elizabeth!

    Rowena of Rainy Belle in our sailboat printed dress. Keeping it neutral with a white bag and tan wedges. Rowena knows exactly how to slip a hint of color into the mix with her perfect pink lips and bright blue necklace.

    Kelly of Wears Kelly in one of our soft pink summer dresses and turquoise Whitehaven necklace. Tan heels and our turquoise clutch, tie this look together perfectly!

    Feeling inspired by the colors of summer? Shop both our accessories and summer dresses to find your perfect combination of happiness and enjoy the carefree essence of summer.


    Are you a fashionable blogger too? Join our Blogger Family! Send your Ruche outfits to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to become featured. *Please note that all outfits must include at least one Ruche item.

  • Thursday, July 11, 2013

    Not only do we need our well-deserved beauty sleep in the quietness of the night, but as the chipper sun greets us to a new day, a scrumptious, homemade breakfast is a necessity to start the morning! Hanna, from Hanna's Places, shares with us a wonderful waffle recipe she concocted as a wholesome twist to the traditional breakfast treat. 

    I love waffles. I could probably eat some every day, but waffles aren't the healthiest food choice in the world, are they? This is a slightly healthier version of my favorite waffle recipe. For me it tastes divine with some bananas (which are naturally very sweet). Make yourself a cup of coffee, bake some waffles, grab your favorite book and have a perfect afternoon!

    --Hanna, of Hanna's Places

    250 g (8.8 oz) whole wheat flour
    80 g (2.8 oz) honey
    150 g (5.3 oz) margarine
    2 eggs
    1 tablespoon baking soda
    20 ml (4 tsp) vanilla extract
    175-200 ml (6 oz) milk

    1. Cream the margarine then, add the eggs, honey, and vanilla extract.

    2. Combine the baking soda and flour together; mix in with step one.

    3. Add milk into the mixture.

    4. Bake the waffles with your waffle maker and enjoy!

    It's not everyday you stumble across a recipe that is both happily healthy and delightfully delicious all-in-one! Start your morning with a spring in your step and try these wonderful waffles today!


    Have a recipe that you are interested in sharing? We'd love to see it! Send your instructions and unedited photos to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to join our Ruche Blogger Family and become published.

  • Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    We love weddings that are personal, intimate, and a beautiful mix of modern and vintage-inspiration…so when you add a view of the Manhattan skyline, we positively swoon! This gorgeous bride fell instantly in love with our Isla dress, and she looked so lovely in it on her big day. Now, we all know wedding planning can be stressful, but now imagine planning a wedding in just *three months* like this couple did! When you have 90 days to plan a wedding and you want to keep your wedding budget reasonable, it’s time to go DIY and call on your creative friends. Read on for their sweet wedding story!

    Leo and I got engaged in April, so we had only 90 days to plan our wedding. We knew we wanted something small and "easy" (we learned there is no such thing as easy when planning a wedding), but at least we were able to keep it intimate. We decided we wanted to do everything ourselves to save in cost and also to personalize it as much as we could. The first thing I did was to check the Ruche website for dresses. From the moment I saw it, I knew Isla was my dress. I sent the link to my mom and closest friends and the response was "It's SO you" so I didn't hesitate and just bought it. When the dress arrived I tried it on and couldn't believe that it fitted me perfectly. Other than fixing the hem (I'm only 5'2") I didn't need to tailor anything, even the seamstress couldn't believe that an online purchase would be so perfect.

    We then decided that we wanted to do it at home. We live in Brooklyn at a high rise building and we are lucky to count a spectacular view of Manhattan from the building's rooftop, so once we secured the space we started to narrow down the details. I kept looking at the Ruche website and Pinterest for ideas (the rooftop is very modern so I wanted to infuse a little bit of a vintage feel). We picked the colors mint-aqua to complement the existing colors in the rooftop, and yellow because it is Leo's favorite color, and then we reached out to all our talented friends for help. I'm an actor and I also work in the catering business, so I have many creative friends.

    I designed the entire menu and the food was cooked by Restaurant Associates since I work for them. I bought all the dishes for the food (mason jars, turquoise bowls, disposable mini plates) at local stores, Amazon and Target. One of my friends did all the flowers, another one did my hair and makeup, another handled the setup and decor, my mom baked the cake, the cake pops, and designed the color coordinated dessert table, a friend donated the photo booth, another took photos and even one more friend officiated the ceremony.

    Photography by Ivette Mederos and Edwin Pagan

    It was an unforgettable day and all our closest friends and family felt they were part of it. I received and keep receiving compliments about how gorgeous the dress was and I'm just so happy that I didn't doubt in selecting the perfect dress for the perfect day. Thank you!!



    Do you have "real wedding" photos you'd like to share? We’d love to see them! For your chance to join our Blogger Family and become featured on our blog, send your wedding photos to blog@shopruche.com. Don't forget to browse our bridal Pinterest account too for even more wedding inspiration!


  • Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Our love for The Great Gatsby and 1920s style is no secret, so when we heard Elizabeth Langford was going to style a wedding shoot based on The Great Gatsby's over-the-top elegance and glamour, we were so excited to be involved! This beautiful shoot took place on location at Encanterra Golf and Country Club in San Tan Valley and featured our Janelle bridal dress. All of the vintage-inspired elements of this shoot have us swooning and falling in love with the 1920s even more (if that's even possible)!

    The gorgeous bouquet was provided by Jan Dekker Designs and we think the beautiful orange and cream colors pull together the entire vintage look seamlessly! 

    We love the way the table glistens in the room with all of the beautiful glassware. The entirety of the table setting were provided by Classic Party Rentals.

    Page & Mason handmade the darling Gatsby-inspired invitations. They are the perfect little something to set the mood of the wedding before it even begins!

    Hair: Megan Mikita, Makeup: Kelly Wisniewski Makeup Artistry, Engagement Session Clothing Bride: Katy Bug Faye Boutique, Groom's Attire: Men's Warehouse, Venue: Encanterra Golf & Country Club, Floral Design and Decor: Jan Dekker Designs, Glassware, Stemware, Flatware and Table Settings: Classic Party Rentals, Table Linens: Southwick Linens, Handmade Invitations and Paper Goods: Page & Mason, Strapless Bridal Gown: Ruche, Models: Jordan Keali and Justin Wimmer


    If you're a wedding photographer and have showcased products from our bridal collection, please send your photos to blog@shopruche.com. We'd love to share them! Don't forget to browse our bridal Pinterest account too for even more wedding inspiration!

  • Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Once upon a time…we love those four magical words! For our summer fashion feature, An Enchanted Tale, we wanted to create a storybook world with life-size origami that fit beautifully with summer fashion staples like soft pastel mint, effortless chiffon, floral prints, bright accessories, and romantic embellishments. During the daydreaming and brainstorming that happens before a photo shoot, we thought, what if we could be transported to a place where paper visions dance in a magical landscape? A place where we could dress with summery whimsy and enchanted romance? And that’s where Orchid comes in!

    Orchid is our imaginative Creative Coordinator who is set design savvy and knows her way around a glue gun! She spends her days in our creative room bringing all our creative visions to life. So when our summer style feature called for life-size origami creatures and props, she spent weeks creating, folding and building. Read on for more from Orchid on behind the scenes fun!

    On the creative research process… “I spent a lot of time researching different origami shapes before I started constructing the pieces for the set. Most of the inspiration for the designs came from traditional origami techniques. In fact, a few of the pieces (butterflies, foxes, flowers) were made by just folding really large pieces of paper and following instructions that I found online!”

    On building a pink paper unicorn… “I think that the larger origami shapes (like the unicorn, elephant, and crane) were the more difficult ones to make. I knew that making the origami unicorn was going to be a challenge, so it ended up being one of the first pieces that I worked on. On the day that I was going to start building it, someone (Beth!) asked me what I was up to, and I casually just said, "Today, I'm building a unicorn!". It was definitely a conversation starter once it was complete! People would pass by the creative room and just happen to see a giant pink unicorn sitting in there!”

    --Orchid, our Creative Coordinator

    After this shoot, we are thinking about adding “Master Origami Folder” to Orchid’s official title!

    Shop our summer feature, An Enchanted Tale, for beautiful summer outfits, summer dresses and garden party looks, cute summer shoes and accessories to tie everything together, and vintage-inspired pieces perfect for an enchanting summer afternoon! 


  • Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    This glittering summer, we're falling in love with striking chevron patterns in a rainbow of colors! To add a sprinkle of creative flair into your home, we wanted to share this simple DIY project that is not only stylish, but can also happily house a few of your favorite flowers! 

    Yarn - we used three different colors
    Glue gun
    Tacky glue (optional )

    1. Create a chevron outline with a piece of yarn slightly above the bottom of the bottle. Using a glue gun, apply a dab of glue while laying down the yarn. Continue to follow the pattern with a few lines of yarn. Once the pattern is done, cut the end of the yarn.

    2. Using another color of yarn, create a triangle underneath the chevron and glue down.  Continue to follow the triangle, filling it in with yarn. Repeat all around the bottle until all of the triangles are filled in.

    3. Take a third color of yarn and start a second chevron pattern above the first one that you made. Continue as you did in Step 1.

    4. After the second chevron pattern is complete, follow Step 2 and fill in all of the triangle spaces above it.

    5. Now you can start wrapping the remainder of the bottle with yarn. You’re going to want to wrap the yarn tight, making sure there aren't any gaps in between the yarn. Use glue to secure. It’s not necessary to glue every line, only when you feel that the yarn is moving a bit too much. Note: Since the bottle curves, it may be easier to use tacky glue instead of the glue gun for this step.

    6. Continue wrapping the bottle with yarn until you reach the top. Feel free to add different sections of color like we did!

    The vase is perfect alone or with a flower. Have fun with it!

    This DIY project is not only striking with summer style, it's a wonderful way to recycle your glass bottles! Fall in love with more colorful chevron prints for your wardrobe this season! 


    Have a DIY project that you are interested in sharing? We'd love to see it! Send your instructions and unedited photos to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to join our Ruche Blogger Family and become published.

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