Thursday, January 9, 2014

Farewell emerald, Hello…? The Pantone color of the year is, drum roll please…radiant orchid! Pantone, the global authority on hues, tells us that radiant orchid is expressive, exotic, captivating, and confident. Since one of our style resolutions this year is to wear more color, this vibrant shade couldn’t come at a better time.

Somewhere between pink, purple, and fuchsia, radiant orchid can be incorporated into your outfit with statement jewelry for a pop of color. A dazzling necklace in varying purples or a chic cocktail dress are the perfect way to announce that you’re on board with radiant orchid for 2014.

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One way we plan on incorporating orchid tones is topping our outfits off in prints and solids that pay homage to the pretty hue.

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This particularly rosy shade of purple is also known for giving people a healthy, just got back from Ibiza glow, which is just one more reason to pick a colorful printed dress! If you’re new to color, then pick something small to start, like studs or a bracelet, and slowly advance your way towards bolder orchid statement pieces.

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Pantone further says that this 2014 color of the year can “intrigue the eye and spark the imagination”. With a description like that, how could we not embrace radiant orchid? Shop our radiant orchid picks to add this vibrant hue to your closet!


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