Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 Photography Credit: Jessica Claire


We had our first-ever children's photo shoot and we must say, it was a learning experience! Babies from newborn to 2 years old joined us at our studio and after a day of spilled snacks, a few tears, and countless "awh!" moments, we have some insider tips for photographing children in a studio setting:


1. To start, let your child explore and become comfortable in the environment before diving into the photo shoot. Once they are familiar with their surroundings, you'll have a better chance of capturing happy smiles.


2. Create an interactive set. Bubbles, snacks, games, toys, and scavenger hunts will allow your child to play, respond authentically, and naturally smile.



3. To create photos with eye contact, stand behind the camera and interact with your child. Peek-a-boo games and fun props (like a princess hat on top of the camera) will make them look directly at you and the "scary camera".


4. If your child becomes fussy, it's helpful to remove anything "extra" in the room. Too many people, pets, and noisy props can be overwhelming for your child. The more relaxed the environment is, the better.


5. Be patient. If your child wanders off for a minute, it's okay to let him/her be the boss and explore. If you become anxious and force your child back to the set, the photos will look forced too.



6. Always be ready to snap a photo and take as many photos as possible. Children are unpredictable and their spontaneity will create cute facial expressions and giggles you'll want to capture.


7. Most importantly, have fun! ♥




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