Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Post by Mavyn Mom


1) Cut 2/3 yard of fabric in half and create two rectangle pieces. Stack them on top of each other and fold the rectangles vertically. Cut a rectangle from the corner.


2) For the neck and waist ties, cut 4 strips of coordinating fabric about 5" by 16". Fold each piece vertically and iron them. Make sure the fabric is inside-out.


3) Sew each piece inside-out and stitch along the long side and one end. Keep the other end open on each piece. Push a wooden spoon through the open ends to turn the fabric strips right-side-out.


4) Pin the four strips in place (line up the raw edges) and sew onto one apron piece. Tip: Wen using the sewing machine, pin the strips in the middle to keep them out of the way.


5) Take the second apron piece and lay it face-to-face with the first apron piece and sew around the top and sides. Turn the apron right side out and iron down the seams.


6) Hem the bottom. Fold the fabric up 2” and then fold in half again. Pin to keep the fabric in place and sew near the bottom fold and near the top.


7) Cut another piece of coordinating fabric for a pocket. Fold in the edges and iron all the sides. Pin the pocket onto the apron and sew along the bottom and sides.


8) Pat yourself on the back because you just made an adorable little apron!


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