Thursday, March 8, 2012
How To Make a Mason Jar Pin Cushion
Guest post by Angelina
Mason jar and lid
Heavy Cardstock
Separate the mason jar lid from the ring. Trace around the lid on your cardstock and cut it out.
Take the cardstock circle and place it on the fabric of your choice. Cut a square around it and leave extra room to work with later.
Push the fabric square through the lid's ring from underneath. Stuff it with batting.
Place the lid inside the ring to secure the cushion.  Adjust the fabric to remove wrinkles and then trim off the excess fabric. (Note: Trim it as close to the edge as possible. The mason jar lid won't seal if the fabric is too bulky.) Pull the fabric tightly and glue the edges down with hot glue. Glue the cardstock circle in place for a clean finish.

And there you have it, folks! A sweet little mason jar pin cushion that is ready to be filled with pretty little things.

-- Anjelina, from Ruby Jean


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