Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome to the first installment of Puppy Love Stories! In honor of Valentine's Day, throughout the month of February we'll be sharing the stories and photos of our employees and the dogs that accompany them to work each and every day. While many people's first thoughts are celebrating with their significant others during this love-filled month, we wanted to extend the celebration to the #RuchePuppies that brighten up our day with their comedic antics, soothing presence, and their daily reminder to get outside and soak up a little sunshine. Join us as we take a moment to appreciate the puppies that make our days shine even brighter! 

Meet Kayla and Lady! If you had a question about your order, you may have spoken to Customer Service Representative Kayla over the phone or email, and if you heard a sweet bark in the background, you just may have met Lady, too! This dynamic duo are rarely seen apart, and being the friendly pup she is, Lady loves to greet the local customers who stop by our warehouse and our employees. Learn more about Kayla and Lady now! kayla-ladyHow did you and your fluffy friend meet?
I had wanted a puppy for such a long time and my fiancé (now husband) and I agreed that after we got married we would get a dog. My good friend was pregnant and liked to walk around the mall and a few days a week I would go with her. She always liked to stop by the pet store and look at all of the puppies in the window and I, being an animal person, never complained! One night we were looking at the puppies and a very special little one caught my eye. My husband was out of town so I took a picture and texted it to him, to my surprise his response was “let’s talk about it when I get home”. HOPE!  We went and looked the next week when he was home and low-and-behold: she was still there! He promptly asked if we could play with her and was just as promptly informed that we weren’t allowed to play with her unless we were planning on bringing her home.  Brad insisted we were hoping to take her home and I said “you know if you let me play with this puppy she is coming home with us, right?”…and the rest is history.

What made you fall in love with Lady?
She had the sweetest little face with big brown eyes and I just couldn’t resist her!  When we played with her, she was so intensely excited and played only with toys that were twice her size (which she would trip and fall all over)!  We couldn’t stop laughing at how cute and playful she was!

How did you decide on the name for Lady?
One night my husband and I were wandering through Disneyland and talking about someday getting a dog. I admitted that I would love to have a Cocker Spaniel and name her Lady after Lady & the Tramp. My husband immediately went into a store and bought a “Lady” pillow-pet and said “here you go!” Needless to say, the stuffed animal didn’t quite meet my expectations!  It’s a good thing he bought it though, because now it’s one of Lady’s favorite things to snuggle with.kayla-lady-3How would you describe your dog in three words?
Loving, snuggly and my shadow!

What are some things you and Lady enjoy doing together?
Lady LOVES coming to work, it’s quite possibly her favorite thing! I love my job, but I wish I had the same level of energy and enthusiasm she does in the mornings!  We also love going to the dog park, the beach, getting the mail, long car rides (she especially loves the window rolled down!) and snuggling! 

Do you have any other pets? 
Yes, I have 2 cats as well, Solomon and Delilah. I adopted them in my hometown in Washington before moving to California, getting married and adding Lady to our family!  My cats are super loving and snuggly as well; I like to think of them as my little pieces of home. I have openly admitted to my husband that I will never be able to live without pets! I think pets are part of what makes a house a home and I hope mine will always be happy and full.

What are some of the benefits of having her by your side at work?
Lady is a great companion throughout the day. She’s a good “excuse” to step outside every now and then and gives me nose kisses if the day is particularly stressful. She definitely helps me to remember to “stop and smell the roses” when the day is going by too quickly, but my favorite is being able to hug her and love her whenever I want!kayla-lady-1Can you share a story involving your dog?
My husband and I went on a backpacking trip in Europe for our honeymoon and Lady got to go to my in-laws’ house for the 3 weeks we were gone. Every dog we saw on our trip made me think of her, I missed her so much! When we got home, we picked her up first thing and she was so excited to see us! We all went home and that night she woke me up 3 times by crawling onto my tummy. I’d wake up with her wet little nose barely touching mine and her eyes wide open staring at me! I was a little startled the first time, but then I realized she was just checking to make sure I was really back! We’d fall back asleep like that, until she’d want to check again! 

Aren't Kayla and Lady just the cutest? Spoil your own pet this Valentine's Day with our collection of cute pet accessories, and stay tuned for even more Puppy Love Stories!


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