Monday, February 16, 2015

Meet Laura and Maizy! Is it just us, or do our Puppy Love Stories appear to become more adorable by the week? Today we're so happy to introduce you to Laura and Maizy! Laura is our Products Manager, and Maizy is the equally happy and energetic pup that just isn't satisfied unless she has personally greeted everyone in the office as soon as they arrive. Full of personality, Maizy is a ray of sunshine wrapped in a ball of fluff and always comes as soon as she hears Laura call one of her many nicknames. Read on to learn more about this too-cute duo, a visit past Puppy Love Stories herelaura-maisy-1

How did you and your fluffy friend meet? What made you fall in love with them?
I actually began looking online. I was looking for hypoallergenic dogs, but then I saw this scruffy pup from an accidental litter all the way in Sacramento where my sister lived. So I asked my sister to be my judge. She called and told me the dog didn't have much personality and wouldn't be a good fit, but then a few days later showed up at my house with Maizy! If you met Maizy you'd know that was the biggest lie my sister ever told, and I was elated! She gave me kisses, let me rub her belly, and loved playing with our other dogs; she was everything I could hope for!

How did you decide on the name "Maizy"?
My sister and I love the movie "Uncle Buck" and always liked the name Maizy. Then, when she showed up at my house with my pup, the movie was on TV, it was meant to be!laura-maisy-3

How would you describe Maizy in three words?
Crazy, scruffy, bossy!

What are some things you and your dog enjoy doing together?
She likes playing with stuffed toys, if you throw a ball for her she'll look at you like, "are you going to get that?" She loves to wrestle and play with other pups. We go to the dog beach and she'll ride in the basket of my bike to friends' houses. But mainly she likes when I'm eating, always a bite for me and a bite for "The Maizy."

Do you have any other pets? If not, do you see yourself adopting again?
Yes, we have a few other dogs and a cat at home. The problem is not if I can see myself adopting again, its that I can see myself adopting ALL OF THEM! One of our dogs we actually found here at Ruche 3 years ago, and I just couldn't stand the thought of taking him to the pound, so I took him home (he made dog number 4)!laura-maisy-2

What are some of the benefits of having your dog by your side at work?
We have a really close bond and I love the extra time with her. She has so much personality I feel like she's really one of my best friends- I think I probably just sound a little crazy now! It's also great because dogs make everyone happy and I love that Maizy can help provide that atmosphere at work!

Can you share a cute story involving Maizy?
When I started dating my fiancé four years ago, he had to meet Maizy on our first date. If they didn't click, there was no chance for us! We were a package deal, luckily it's the three of us now!laura-maisyAre you in love with our Puppy Love Stories series? Stay tuned, we have a few more installments launching in the coming weeks, and don't forget to see past Puppy Love Stories and fall in love with our #RuchePuppies!


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